Newt Serif - soft-edged serif font.
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Newt Serif

Newt Serif

Newt Serif is a soft, friendly serif font that has been described as appearing to have been “drawn by the light of mystic moons.” It did take many moons to finish (being my first finished font), so maybe some of them were mystic.

Newt Serif has a strong calligraphic bent and a healthy dose of whimsy. The italics are of a freer spirit than the romans, and include a few intriguingly shaped letters (for example: E, g, s, and y). While the font is light-hearted, it’s still a fairly “typographically-minded” serif, comfortable enough for longer passages of text.

For more information, see the font's page at the Looseleaf Fonts site.


Download the ZIP of all the files:

Extract it, and you've got .otf files, which your computer should be able to make sense of. Install it in whatever way you normally install fonts.


You can choose from .ufo files or .otf files; they're both here. Be aware that I haven't done any work on this font in many years, and the .ufo files were automatically generated by FontForge.

Don't let the scent of abandonware scare you off, though; I'm proud of this font and it hasn't decayed since I finished it. There are no pictures as of yet, but I expect to have a chance to put some up soon.


SIL Open Font License. See OFL.txt for details.