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Team City Integration

Auto deploy

This example assumes the following:

  • You package your code up into a code_drop folder
  • There is a subdirectory of that folder named deployment
  • The deployment folder has deployment batch files in it
  • DropkicK executables are in a subdirectory of deployment named dk.

Step 1 General Settings

Set the following:

  • Artifacts path: code_drop/deployment/dk/*.log

Step 3 Build Step

Create a command line step:

  • Working directory: code_drop/deployment
  • Run: executable with parameters
  • Command executable: code_drop/deployment/dk/dk.exe
  • Command parameters: execute /environment:%DeployToEnvironment% /roles:Db,Web,Host --silent

Step 5 Dependencies

Add a dependency to your automated build (make sure that build has a zipped up artifact of your application output).
Create an artifact dependency:

  • Depend on: Your application build project
  • Get artifacts from: Last finished build with specified tag
  • Build tag: %DeployToEnvironment%
  • Artifacts paths:!** ( !** will unpack it automatically) - example!*
  • Destination path: code_drop/
  • Check the box next to clean directory before downloading artifacts

Step 6 Build Parameters

Add a new configuration parameter:

  • Name: DeployToEnvironment
  • Type: Configuration parameter
  • Value: the environment you want to deploy (i.e. DEV)