[Enhancement] Allow SQL files to be stored as manifest streams in an assembly #144

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Migrated from https://code.google.com/p/roundhouse/issues/detail?id=27

It would be really nice if i could store all sql files in an assembly as
embedded resource.

This is useful when roundhouse is run programatically from another
application and sql files shuldn't be visible for the user.

After a brief look at the source, it seems to me that in order to add such a
feature a new FileSystemAcces implementation is required. I'm not sure, however, if it wouldn't break other roundhouse features.


From Mar 10,2010:
Actually, since I thought of this idea awhile ago, I've been letting it stew in my
head and really it's the idea of building out a Traverser interface that would
return results. The current migrator has this functionality for the file system.
What it would take is to break that functionality out to a FileTraverser and use it
when the sqlFilesDirectory pointed to a directory and use the ResourceTraverser when
the sqlFilesDirectory pointed to a DLL.

Does this make sense? This is all talk of vaporware at the moment. :D


I think it makes sense. I had a start towards this in my work on refactoring the traversal (now hopelessly obsolete :( ).

I think this might also be a good opportunity to bring in some of the ideas that @mpareja (IIRC) was talking about with respect to custom directories/workflows.

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