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Mar 2010

-- Pascal
2. Performance of really really large scripts is not good.

In our spike, where we test new versions of RoundhousE, we have a very
large (25Mb)
script containing a lot of initial data. The script was made by a tool SQL
and performed fine in earlier versions of RoundhousE. It ran in <1 minute.
Now it's
taking >15 minutes. We also have a script of 3Mb and that one runs fine.
This is
probably NOT a show stopper for RoundhousE, because people shouldn't make
THAT big, right? :-)

  1. Well there were almost no GO statements in this script, just a lots of inserts into lots of tables. We didn't search on why it was slow. We've split the script into smaller scripts and it's running fine now.

As far as performance. I had a huge file (15MB) that I was running when I
started splitting on a batch terminator for Access. It was a whole bunch
of update
statements (180,000+). We let it run for about two hours before we finally
it. At the time we assumed it was something with Access.

I'm thinking it's possibly a combination of RH and the database. We may
want to
explore string builder here instead of immutable strings. Let's log a
issue on that.

Mar 2010 Rob

Splitting the file up is a good workaround. Right now if you load a 25MB file you
are increasing the memory by at least that, probably double. At some point RH
degrades significantly trying to handle it. Not sure exactly where that is...

I'm thinking this is a lower priority because it has a proven way to work.

Mar 2010 Pascal

It is indeed lower priority.

Aug 2010 Pascal

Another workaround is to use a lot of splitters in the sql file.

A big file with a whole bunch of inserts (initial data) is handled better if all statements are split by GO-statements.

That way RH can handle files up to 60MB on our development machines in a few minutes.

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