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Releases: chucknorris/roundhouse

Security fix on log4net CVE

12 Sep 16:42
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Updated log4net to 2.0.10 to resolve CVE-2018-1285

#429 (and several related ones)


Upgrade to .NET 3.1 all over

12 Sep 10:39
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There have been some versioning issues with netcoreapp2.1 vs netcoreapp3.1 in dlls vs docker images. This release should fix those. I have bumped the version to 1.3.0, as the dependency is in effect a breaking change.



Release 1.2.3 - minor bugfix release

04 Oct 17:44
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PRs merged:

Thank you for your contributions! I do appreciate all the issue reports, etc. But if any further progress should be made, PRs are necessary, as I don't have infinite time to use on the project going forward, unfortunately.

Release 1.2.1 - Bugfix release

15 Apr 17:24
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This is a long awaited bugfix release. Unfortunately I haven't been able to prioritise RoundhousE maintenance a lot lately. I hope this will change coming forward.

Thanks a lot to the contributors, and, again, terribly sorry that you make a contribution, and you have to wait so long for it to be merged. This is not OK.

The following PRs/issues have been solved in this release:

#394 - Adding System.ValueTuple dependency (thanks, @BlythMeister)
#393 - Ensures directories returned by the dotnetfilesystem access are ordered (thanks, @JscNZ)
#392 - Prevent dryrun from writing version records (solved #275)
#400 - Fix spelling for Chocolatey (close, but no cigar, thanks @jbogard)
#403 - Fix spelling of Chocolatey (thanks, @comshak - Bull's Eye).

Redshift support, do not store script text + bug fixes

14 Oct 20:01
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Thanks a lot for all the contributions! And sorry for those who had to wait a long time for their PR to be merged, thank you for your patience.

The following PRs are merged:

#376 - Updated parser to handle single quoted values - @cmiles74
#388 - Fix EOL-related hash comparison bug - @jjanuszkiewicz
#385 - Feature/redshift support - @neoaisac
#389 - Add switch to not store full text of scripts run - @Peckham

RoundhousE is a group effort, and it wouldn't be anything without your contributions. There's always room for more contributors, and new ones are more than welcome! If you would like to contribute, but have difficulties getting stared, please reach out, and I'll try to assist :)

Divide and conquer - split in multiple packages

09 Jun 21:07
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At last, a new RoundhousE release. My apologies to all contributors for the total absence the last months. I've been really busy both work- and otherwise.

The biggest change in this release for end-users is #370, where I have split the roundhouse library up in multiple packages on nuget. Hence the upgrade in minor version. This makes it possible to use one of the packages, e.g. roundhouse.postgresql, without dragging in dependencies from all the other database providers. There|s also a new roundhouse.core package, which holds the base functionality. In addition, we have kept the good-old known roundhouse.lib package, which has a merged version of all the others. The roundhouse nuget packages are:

In addition, I have replaced ILMerge, which was causing all sorts of weirdness and difficulties in merging (see #370 for details), with Costura.Fody, which accomplishes the same effect with totally different technology. This is used to create rh.exe as a single executable.

In addition, we have a small bug fix, a big thanks to @cmiles74 for fixing #376.

Release 1.0.4 - bugfixes

08 Feb 16:21
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Fixes a couple of bugs:

#365 Missing Dependencies on RoundhousE.lib @BlythMeister
#363 PostgreSQL - System.TypeInitializationException for Npgsql.TypeHandlerRegistry @Roemer / @erikbra

Thank you for your contributions! Lovely to have people both reporting issues and submitting pull requests!

MySQL fixes, PL/SQL fixes, bug fixes

27 Jan 18:17
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Small to medium size release, focusing on bug fixes and documentation fixes.

The following issues have been fixed:

Bugfix release

12 Dec 23:31
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There was an error in packaging the dotnet core tool version of RoundhousE, which made it not work in many configurations. This release fixes that issue. In addition, there was problems with database server name containing colon on windows.


Merge-error release fix

09 Dec 21:18
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Had forgotten to merge master into release branch before 1.0.0 release, so a lot of fixes were missed, sorry. See for release details.