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Cross-platform dotnet core and dotnet standard ++

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@erikbra erikbra released this 09 Dec 20:28

This is a release that has taken a while to get out there. I've also incorporated what was planned for 0.9.2, and put into this release. There are a few big changes, but not feature-wise. I've ported RoundhousE to .net core, so that it can run cross-platform (Windows, macOS, Linux, anywhere dotnet core runs). roundhouse.lib is also made as a netstandard2.0 library, so it can be used on all platforms, and both from net4x and netcore.

There are also a few bug fixes and performance improvements, thanks to @mmalik76 and @chuseman for contributions! Sorry to have kept you waiting so long on getting your bits out into the wild.

There are now 2 versions of RoundhousE:

  • The good, old RoundhousE, which runs on full framework, and supports all database providers.
  • The new .net core RoundhousE, which runs on .net core, and supports all database providers except Access and Oracle.

RoundhousE (the tool) can now be installed:

More issues will be resolved, and more features will come, but we are very much looking for help on solving issues, and bringing RoundhousE further into the future!

I (Erik) have taken over as the main maintainer, as the others had to focus on different projects, and I'll try to do my best with the time I have. New contributors are always welcome!

New features

Bug Fixes

Performance Improvements

  • Reworking how we fetch and cache the scripts that have been run @BlythMeister