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### install chocolatey ###
$url = ""
$tempDir = "$env:TEMP\chocolatey\chocInstall"
if (![System.IO.Directory]::Exists($tempDir)) {[System.IO.Directory]::CreateDirectory($tempDir)}
$file = Join-Path $tempDir ""
# download the package
Write-Host "Downloading $url to $file"
$downloader = new-object System.Net.WebClient
$downloader.DownloadFile($url, $file)
# unzip the package
Write-Host "Extracting $file to $destination..."
$shellApplication = new-object -com shell.application
$zipPackage = $shellApplication.NameSpace($file)
$destinationFolder = $shellApplication.NameSpace($tempDir)
# call chocolatey install
Write-Host "Installing chocolatey on this machine"
$chocInstallPS1 = "$tempDir\tools\chocolateyInstall.ps1"
& $chocInstallPS1
### finish installing chocolatey ###
# update chocolatey to the latest version
Write-Host "Updating chocolatey to the latest version"
cup chocolatey
# install nuget if it is missing
cinstm nuget.commandline
#restore the nuget packages
$nugetConfigs = Get-ChildItem '.\' -Recurse | ?{$ -match "packages\.config"} | select
if ($nugetConfigs -ne '') {
foreach ($nugetConfig in $nugetConfigs) {
Write-Host "restoring packages from $($nugetConfig.FullName)"
nuget install $($nugetConfig.FullName) /OutputDirectory packages
# install the uppercut libraries
nuget install NuGet.Core -version 1.4.20615.9012 -OutputDirectory lib -x
nuget install NuGet.CommandLine -version 1.4.20615.182 -OutputDirectory lib -x
nuget install -version -OutputDirectory lib -x
nuget install nunit -version -OutputDirectory lib -x
nuget install uppercut.bdddoc -version 1.5 -OutputDirectory lib -x -source
nuget install uppercut.mbunit2 -version 1.5 -OutputDirectory lib -x -source
nuget install uppercut.developwithpassion.bdd -version 1.5 -OutputDirectory lib -x -source
nuget install uppercut.ilmerge -version 1.5 -OutputDirectory lib -x -source
nuget install uppercut.moma -version 1.5 -OutputDirectory lib -x -source
nuget install uppercut.nant -version 1.5 -OutputDirectory lib -x -source
nuget install uppercut.ncover -version 1.5 -OutputDirectory lib -x -source
nuget install uppercut.xunit -version 1.5 -OutputDirectory lib -x -source
#future nuget install uppercut.storevil -version 1.5 -OutputDirectory lib -x -source
#TODO move tools contents to top level folders and nuget.commandline moves to NuGet