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ferventcoder committed Aug 20, 2015
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= =
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= ReportGenerator =
= Generation of reports based on PartCover/ OpenCover / NCover =
= Generation of reports based on OpenCover/ PartCover / NCover =
= =
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= =
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ReportGenerator converts XML reports generated by PartCover, OpenCover
or NCover into a readable HTML report.
In contrast to the XSLT-Transformation included in PartCover, the
report is more detailed.
It does not only show the coverage quota, but also includes the source
code and visualizes which line has been covered.
or NCover into a readable report in various formats.
The reports do not only show the coverage quota, but also include the
source code and visualize which line has been covered.
ReportGenerator supports merging several reports into one.
If you pass several reports to ReportGenerator, the reports will be
merged into one.
It is also possible to pass one XML file containing several reports to
ReportGenerator (e.g. a build log file).
Several output formats are supported by ReportGenerator. The following
report types can be generated:
The following output formats are supported by ReportGenerator:
-HTML, HTMLSummary
-XML, XMLSummary
-Latex, LatexSummary
-Custom formats (
PartCover 4.0
PartCover 2.2, 2.3
Visual Studio (vstest.console.exe, CodeCoverage.exe)
NCover (tested version 1.5.8, other versions may not work)
Also available as NuGet package:
@@ -55,6 +53,150 @@ For further details take a look at LICENSE.txt.
* Fix: Issue #10849: Improved handling of handling several classes in same
* Fix: Automatical unblocking of assemblies that are loaded
* Fix: HTML report now compatible with IE 10
* New: Table in HTML summary report now shows total lines
* Fix: Better support of CodeContracts with OpenCover
* New: Visual indicator for branch coverage percentage
* New: Added ability for custom reports using MEF plugins
* New: Added support for OpenCover branch information by line
* New: Added new report format: TextSummary
* Fix: Issue #10553: Handling of compiler generated classes in F#
* Fix: Generic classes appear correctly in reports
(VisualStudioParser and DynamicCodeCoverageParser)
* Fix: HTML report now compatible with IE 11
* Fix: Improved naming of HTML report files
* New: Added support for Visual Studio coverage reports
* Fix: Issue #9988: Completely empty classes now show correct
* New: Issue #9891: Aggregation of results by namespace
* New: Issue #9875: More details and sorting possiblity in summary
* New: Issue #9913: Mark of complete line according to coverage
* New: Issue #9935: In HTMLSummary static text instead of link is
* New: Issue #9937: HTMLSummary now is a self containing report
without external CSS or JavaScript
* New: Issue #9833: Version command line parameter
* Fix: Issue #9886: Compatibility for OpenCover 4.0.1229
* Fix: Issue #9736: NCover 1.5.8 Exclude attribute is not handled
* Fix: Issue #9773: Ignored casing in directory search
* Fix: Issue #9706: Trailing slashes in command line arguments
* New: Issue #9698: Added "coverbytest" support of OpenCover
* Fix: Issue #9671: Reduced length of report filenames
* Fix: Reports can now be located in an UNC path
* Fix: Issue #9646: Unhandled IO-Exception when source directories
are supplied
* New: Added support for Visual Studio coverage reports
* New: Issue #9534: Added support for wildcards in report file
* Fix: OpenCoverParser supports coverage for methods that 'yield'
the result
* Fix: Improved merging of metrics (now using full signature)
* Fix: Reduced memory usage during report generation
* New: Added verbosity switch
* New: Added possibility to generate several output formats at once
* Fix: Issue #9372: Reduced memory usage
* New: Added more report preprocessing to deal with auto properties
and source files that don't appear in OpenCover/PartCover
* New: Added possibility to filter assemblies
* Fix: Issue #9266: Improved performance
* Fix: Issue #9141: Handling of same assembly in different
directories in OpenCoverParser
* New: Excluded ignored classes from OpenCoverParser
* Fix: Issue #9065: Rounding of coverage quota down to the last
significant figure
* Fix: Issue #9041: Merging reports doesn't work when the same
module is used from different paths
* Fix: Issue #8992: Improved HTML Summary (collapsing of classes)
* Fix: Issue #8931: Improved layout of Html reports
* Fix: Issue #8958: Coverage for types with no sequence points
* Fix: Issue #8936: Additional statistics for assemblies
* Fix: Issue #8653: NCover - OutOfMemoryException on a seqpoint with
a magic line
* Fix: Improved layout of Latex reports
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