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Aug 19, 2011
v1.4.2 - Fixing issue 41 (uppercut v1.4 no longer runs nuget or gems …
Aug 18, 2011
fixing issue 40: customizations fail when the folder path has build i…
…n it more than once
Aug 10, 2011


fix issue 33 (do not use msbuild to build 1.0 and 1.1 solutions). upd…
…ated config for proper path separation. removed folders no longer used
Aug 28, 2010
v1.0.4 - gem builds default to not using the build date as part of th…
…e version (look for a new config setting). Gem builds also now including a version suffix so you can be in prerelease or dev mode if you use semantic versioning (look for a new config setting). See the readme.
Aug 10, 2010
Merge branch 'master' of
Aug 10, 2010
csharp.functions is now including in the output"
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