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Plugin Name:    AutoAssignDefaultTVs
By:             ChuckTrukk
Released on:    September 17, 2008
Version:        1.0
Description:    Automatically assign TVs from a specified category (or categories) to a new (or updated) template

    Create a new plugin named AutoAssignDefaultTVs
    copy-paste this text into the Plugin code
    copy-paste the following into Plugin configuration
        &category=Categories;text;Default  &sortBy=Sort By;text;id ASC &doLog=Log Events to modx?;list;yes,no;yes &updateMode=Assign TVs on template update?;list;yes,no;yes
    System Events: [x] onTempFormSave

        category    - Comma seperated list of categories your TVs are in
                    default:  'Default'
                    examples: 'Default'
                    examples: 'Default,Store'
        sortBy      - Can be any column site_tmplvars such as rank ASC, rank DESC, id ASC, id DESC, etc.
                    default:  'id ASC'
                    examples: 'id DESC'
                    examples: 'rank ASC'
        logResults  - Do you want to log the results to Reports -> System Events
                    default:  'no'
        updateMode  - Do you want this plugin to run when an already created template is saved/updated?
                    default:  'no'
        if logResults is yes, the results will be listed in the Manager at Reports -> System Events with the title 'PLUGIN: Automatically assign TVs to template'