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# Installation
- Upload the files into **assets/snippets/flickrGallery**
- Create a snippet called **flickrGallery**
- Paste this code into the snippet contents **include($modx->config['base_path'] . "assets/snippets/flickrGallery/"); **
# Snippet call
- &action: list, photos, galleries
- &email: the email associated with the user (is used to get a list of their galleries)
- &tpl: any php file in the flickrGallery/template/ directory (without the php)
- $debug: this isnt used yet
- &gallery: this is the photosetId of the gallery
- &parents: used with action=`galleries`. Acts like ditto to return the info for each document
# How I use this
## In the modx manager
- Create a TV called GalleryID (This will return a string with the GalleryID and Title for each of the users gallery)
-- Input Type: Radio Options
-- Input Option Values: @EVAL return $modx->runSnippet('flickrGallery', array('action' => 'list', 'email' => '') );
-- Assign it to your document
- On the gallery page, select your Gallery from the radio list
## To show the galleries
- To show the photo gallery: [[flickrGallery? &gallery=`[*GalleryID*]` &tpl=`default` &action=`photos` ]]
- To show the galleries: [[flickrGallery? &gallery=`[*GalleryID*]` &tpl=`galleries` &action=`galleries` ]]