A bunch of StackScripts that I use to easily deploy full web+db+django stack at Linode.com
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1 - StackScript Bash Library.sh
122 - lib-apache.sh
123 - lib-system-ubuntu.sh
124 - lib-system.sh
125 - lib-postgresql.sh
126 - lib-python.sh
127 - lib-django.sh
128 - lib-mongodb.sh
129 - monit.sh
131 - Stack - Security, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Apache, Django.sh


A Linode.com StackScript shell script that configures a complete web environment with Apache, PostgreSQL/MySQL/MongoDB, Python, mod_wsgi, virtualenv and Django.

Optionally creates a PostgreSQL/MySQL user and database and installs MongoDB NoSQL database.

By default, it creates a VirtualHost using the reverse DNS of your Linode's primary IP and sets up a sample Django project in the /srv directory.

Installs common system and dev utilities, sets up postfix loopback, Uncomplicated Firewall and Fail2Ban.

Writes command output to /root/stackscript.log and records /etc changes using Mercurial. When completed notifies via email.