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Tools: Processing, Audio Editing

Each individual’s life should be fully controlled by himself or herself, whereas wandering around other’s suggestions and experiences will end up with completely lost.

Life Navigator contains three stages: an opening stage with brief introduction and greetings from the computer; a voice detector stage that capture user’s question and transform it into wave form; and an interactive stage provides user the great amount inspirational quotes that moving in high speed and will only stay still while being clicked on. Life Navigator combines a simple human-computer communication interface and an interactive game. It demonstrates the process of asking the user questions, detecting user’s response, and presenting famous quotes and comments that being collected from the internet. During the interactive game of capturing quotes that passing through, user will feel anxious and confused when the velocity and amount of word is increasing and getting harder and harder to be caught. This stage simulates the situation where people are forced to absorb huge amount of nonsense from pubic media in the name of inspiriting and motivating the audience. User find out difficulty to capture a single piece of information when texts appear and disappear quickly just like how does audience get lost eventually when surrounded by other’s life stories.

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