@dualface dualface released this Aug 21, 2013 · 1563 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • remove module server from framework
  • rename framework.client to framework
  • support Android NDK r9
  • add cjson.decode_lua_nil(), default is ON, use Lua nil for NULL
  • add IAP Restore (iOS only)


  • remove SBJson (iOS only)
  • remove CCStore verify receipt
  • remove package framework.client (framework.client.* moved to framework)
  • remove luadocx, see [https://github.com/dualface/luadocx]
  • remove module server from framework
  • remove device.environment
  • remove string.urlencodeChar()
  • remove display.newBackgroundSprite()
  • remove display.pixels()
  • remove display.newFrame()
  • remove display.newAnimate()
  • remove CCNode:pixels()
  • remove CCNode:removeAction(), use stopAction()
  • EventProtocol.addEventListener() unsupported Lua table as listener, use handler()
  • remove parameter "isPaused" from scheduler.scheduleUpdateGlobal()
  • remove parameter "isPaused" from scheduler.scheduleGlobal()
  • ui.newEditBox() unsupported Lua object as listener


  • rename framework.client to framework
  • rename display.newBackgroundTilesSprite() to newTilesSprite()
  • rename CCLayer:addScriptAccelerateHandler() to addAccelerateEventListener()
  • rename CCLayer:removeScriptAccelerateListener() to removeAccelerateEventHandler()
  • rename CCScene:addAutoCleanImage() to markAutoCleanupImage()
  • rename CCNode:numberOfRunningActions() to getNumberOfRunningActions()
  • io.writefile() file mode changed to "w+b"


  • add display.setAnimationCache()
  • add display.getAnimationCache()
  • add display.removeAnimationCache()
  • add cjson.decode_lua_nil(), default is ON, use Lua nil for NULL


  • fix CCTouchScriptHandlerEntry will release twice lua reference, see [http://www.cocos2d-x.org/issues/2535]
  • support Android NDK r9