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Socialite (Alpha)

"All your social media in one place"

Open source app for a social media aggregate site built on React-Native.

Web version: SocialiteWeb / GitHub

Expo URL:


v3.2.0 Released: April 9, 2018


v6.8.0 (Alpha) (latest)

-Finished interaction between login and open links in app switch
-Added edit account endpoint and interaction between end point and account screen

v6.7.3 (Alpha) (latest)

-Added video looping preview in create screen. Needs fixing.
-Added Open links in in app browser switch to settings screen. Needs fixing.

v6.7.2 (Alpha)

-Added support in code to handle clicks based on settings. Need to pull from settings screen

v6.7.1 (Alpha)

-Switched web browser to use app protocol to open app directly.
-Adding support in settings screen to toggle open post in app or open web browser

v6.7.0 (Alpha)

-Added interactions counter with icons
-Added support for video media and loops
-Added Web Broswer to post

v6.6.0 (Alpha)

-Finished TileFactory to add IG Tiles

v6.5.2 (Alpha)

-Removing debugging

v6.5.1 (Alpha)

-Tweaked value for formal greeting down to 50%

v6.5.0 (Alpha)

-Added basis for TileFactory function
-Updated greetings function to show formal greeting 75% of the time and 25% casual.

v6.4.0 (Alpha)

-Added time based greetings

v6.3.1 (Alpha)

-Removed empty debugging

v6.3.0 (Alpha)

-Added code to allow parameters to be passed to account settings screen
-Updated Account settings screen to show relevant information

v6.2.0 (Alpha)

-Updated the register form to take in date of birth for greetings
-Updated the webservice to take dob
-Updated code to remove console.logs

v6.1.0 (Alpha)

-Updated login endpoint to respond with account info
-Updated HomeScreen to greet user
-Updated condition for logging in to prevent error

v6.0.2 (Alpha)

-Fixed bugs with create account flow.
-Added navigation after successful create only

v6.0.0 (Alpha)

-Added API to socialite web for account creation
-Added full create account function with errors. Need to add type checking

v5.8.0 (Alpha)

-Added props to inputboxes and search bar to prevent autocorrect and autocapitalize
-Added intro to search method

v5.7.1 (Alpha)

-Fixed a bug that allowed users to swipe left back to login screen accidentally.

v5.7.0 (Alpha)

-Maintenance: deprecating old create screen
-Finalizing login flow
-Finalizing logout flow
-Finalizing create account flow
-Finalizing flow between the 3 screens

v5.6.1 (Alpha)

-Maintenance: added deprecated directory for old files and code
-Changed name of Settings to Account
-Removed headerLeft from Create Screen

v5.6.0 (Alpha)

-Added CreateScreen.js for account creation
-Modified RootNavigator to expose other screens
-Modified screens to prevent Login on headerLeft

v5.5.0 (Alpha)

-Added login screen and styling elements
-Added ability to upload videos
-Can crop image to 4:3 and video length
-Added placeholder image until I can get video thumbnail

v5.3.1 (Alpha)

-Fixed bug with sort function that caused warning by setting state using componentDidMount()

v5.3.0 (Alpha)

-Added Sort function in the By App screen

v5.2.4 (Alpha)

-Added style to the "Create Post" modal
-Added function to replace image
-Added function to remove image
-Added function to preview image
-Fixed function to bring back modal if you cancel image selection
-Fixed function to preserve written text, current image and checkboxes if you cancel image selection
-Fixed function to make sure elements are cleared if modal is completely closed
-Edited icons to show as socialite color scheme red
-Need to style create post screen
-Need to add save for later button on Create post modal

v4.1.0 (Alpha)

-Changed how the tiles are rendered. Using arrays of tile compotenents for future code iteration of API data and filter
-Added keys to prevent warning

v3.4.0 (Alpha)

-Finished styling the sort by modal
-Added icons
-Added color to the buttons
-Colored icons based on company color codes
-Colored close button to match theme
-Close modal by clicking close, swiping modal down, or clicking gray area

v3.3.0 (Alpha)

-Added pop up modal for filter on By Apps screen
-Added text for filter
-Added Icon for filter
-Added switching function for filter

v3.2.0 (Alpha) Download Here

-Now adding download links to version builds. That means less updates but more content on each release
-Updated splash screens and published project to expo

v3.0.0 (Alpha)

-Updating logo
-Updating Splash page
-Updating slogan

v2.0.0 (Alpha)

-Added proper create screen with styling
-Changed All/ByApp demo layout
-Added checkbox states
-Added react-native-elements to package list
-Added colored checkboxes
-Added search screen

v1.2.0 (Alpha)

-Added icons to the top-bar-nav class properties
-Added socialite icon

v1.1.0 (Alpha)

-Fleshed out main screens
-Finished top-bar-nav implementation
-Changed some designs for better UX and added buttons at bottom with color to match theme
-Added icons for each app and fallback icon for each app
-Added logic to handle different apps
-Finalized base tile design
-Added Tile class to use dynamically

v0.0.1 (Alpha)

Initial commit


Open source app for the worlds best social media aggregate site built using React-Native and Expo






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