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Chummer 5.225.0

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@DelnarErsike DelnarErsike released this 04 Dec 22:37
· 807 commits to master since this release

Build 225
Application Changes:

  • Added the ability to re-apply the improvements of individual items instead of only for the entire character all at once. Implements #4628.
  • Attempting to reassign or reapply priorities or metatypes that give access to special attributes and/or skills linked to special attributes no longer causes Chummer to crash.
  • Fixed some rare bugs and crashes that could occur when writing to a file that Chummer was simultaneously attempting to read in.
  • Trying to add an item with a weapon select entry that relies on selecting for weapon details no longer causes a crash. Fixes #4934.
  • Markup and Black Market Pipeline cost modifiers applied to a weapon mount now properly apply based on all options of the weapon mount instead of just its size. Fixes #4933.
  • Added the option to character settings to apply a custom post-processing effect (using Chummer's document-invariant XPath processor) to essence modifiers after they have all been collected but before they are applied to 'ware essence costs.
  • Fixed up various irregularities from dropdown box items that would creep in as Chummer open for longer and longer.
  • Vehicle mods that override a vehicle's armor, e.g. armor mods under the drone modding rules of Rigger 5.0, now work properly.
  • The karma cost of learning new spells is no longer much higher than it should be.
  • Added support for bonus nodes that add RES- and/or DEP-specific Essence modifiers in the same vein as the existing MAG-specific Essence modifiers.
  • Added support for bonus nodes that modify the amount of special attributes burned from Essence loss: specialattburnmultiplier and specialatttotalburnmultiplier. The former stacks additively, the latter stacks multiplicatively.
  • Buying knowledge skill specializations with knowledge skill points in Point Buy- and Life Modules-based character creation methods no longer also costs karma.
  • Greatly sped up load times for characters with lots of weapons and/or gear.
  • Non-retroactive 'ware Essence modifiers now always automatically apply at character creation instead of only to 'ware bought sequentially after acquiring the source of a given non-retroactive 'ware Essence modifier. The non-retroactiveness now only starts applying after character creation.
  • A toggle has been added to allow the user to choose if they wish to pay for a lifestyle quality that would be free at their lifestyle level using nuyen instead of Lifestyle Points in accordance with Hard Targets p. 140. Fixes #4916.
  • Setting any values in ReplaceAttribute nodes to 0 now properly does not override those base values for a character's metatype.
  • Spirits with a Force greater than 3 but not divisible by 3 no longer receive an extra optional power. Fixes #4946.
  • Capacity violations for gear located inside armor, armor mods, weapon accessories, cyberware, gear that is already located inside other gear, and any of the aforementioned inside a vehicle are now properly checked when checking character validity.
  • Reported capacity violations from character validity checks now display each item's translated and/or specific name instead of just its general, English name.
  • Custom Fit (Stack) now works properly when the underlying armor piece has a different name than the armor that is to be treated as an accessory.
  • Added a helper reference to show how many free spells have been used by mastery qualities.
  • Qualities marked as not having levels no longer show a stray "1" next to their names when added to characters' sheets.
  • Character sheet viewers and character export forms now update their contents whenever the character obtains something.
  • Armor mods and gear that come included with an item can no longer be unequipped independently of said item.
  • Ammunition loaded into a weapon is now forced to be equipped and cannot be unequipped.
  • The right-click menu where users can rename custom items during character creation is now available again.
  • Added a minor quality-of-life feature where changing the PDF application of Chummer can also cause the PDF parameters setting to automatically update itself to match the selected application.
  • Controls to modify armor degradation values are no longer visible unless playing with settings that have armor degradation turned on.
  • Any degraded armor on the sheet of a character that is using settings that do not have armor degradation enabled is now ignored.
  • Unequipped weapon accessories can no longer alter the reach of weapons.
  • The ammo-unloaded versions of the damage, ranges, dice pool, accuracy, AP, RC, and firing modes of weapons is now printed and exported alongside the ammo-loaded versions.
  • Added bonus nodes that allow defaulting to be disabled for a specific skill or skill category.
  • Fixed various weird issues with custom lifestyle qualities with certain specific requirements.
  • Required and forbidden node contents can now accept GUIDs instead of just names. This is important when the presence or absence of a specific item is needed to be checked instead of all items with the same name.
  • Bound spirits can now properly be deleted.
  • Fixed various bugs where some parts of a character's contacts would not get saved properly.
  • Notes added to gear attached to weapon accessories can now be properly edited.
  • Improvements and bonuses that are chosen to affect an exotic skill's dice or skill rating now properly work.

Data Changes:

  • Added Quick-Start Rules content: 15 scrumptious menu items brought to you by McHughes™!
  • Stealth errata of core rulebook content in Chrome Flesh and Forbidden Arcana are now available as custom datasets. The default dataset has been adjusted to the non-stealth-errata'ed version. Users who wish to make use of stealth errata'd content will need to enable these custom datasets in their character settings. Of the built-in character settings, all Full House and Shadowrun Missions settings have both stealth errata datasets enabled, and all Neon Anarchy settings have the Chrome Flesh stealth errata dataset enabled.
  • Added bonus nodes for Shooter (The Soldier) paragon's Compiling dice pool penalty and +1 limit for attack actions. Fixes #4935.
  • Corrected the Cybercombat dice bonus of Intrusion Countermeasure (The Guardian) to be conditional because it is not granted against IC.
  • Added bonus nodes for Architect (The Builder) and Archivist (The Secret Keeper) paragons' dice bonuses for the Edit File and Matrix Search Computer actions respectively.
  • Modified Cyberlimb Optimization so that if the selected skill for it is a skill that can be used with weapons, the +1 limit modifier will show up as part of those weapons' accuracy. Existing characters with this 'ware will need to either re-buy it or reapply improvements to see the effects. Part of #4841.
  • Astral Chameleon can now properly only be taken by Awakened characters. Existing characters with this quality will need to re-add the quality or reapply improvements to see this effect.
  • Technomancers now have their inherent +2 to Matrix Perception reflected in the program. Existing technomancers will need to reapply improvements to see this bonus.
  • City Slicker, Outdoorsman, Dimmer Bulb, Reduced Sense, Vomeronasal Organ, Critter Spook, Cyclopean Eye, Malware Infection, Curiosity Killed the Cat, Sprite Combustion, and Hi-Rez now all have their dice pool effects reflected in the program. Existing characters with these qualities will need to re-add the quality or reapply improvements to see these bonuses.
  • Electroception now adds a specialization option for Electroception to the Perception skill. Existing characters with this quality will need to re-add the quality or reapply improvements to see this bonus.
  • Cyber-Snob now properly forbids access to Greyware-grade cyberware. Existing characters with this quality will need to re-add the quality or reapply improvements to see this effect.
  • When taking Practice Practice Practice in a skill that can potentially be used in tandem with a weapon, its effect on said weapon's accuracy is now properly reflected in the program. Existing characters with this quality will need to re-add the quality or reapply improvements to see this bonus.
  • Natural Hacker now properly prompts the user as to which Matrix action it should affect. Existing characters with this quality will need to re-add the quality or reapply improvements to see this bonus.
  • Resonant Burnout now properly increases all Resonance burn effects from lost Essence by 20%. Existing characters with this quality will need to re-add the quality or reapply improvements to see this bonus.
  • HK Urban Combat and HK Urban Fighter can properly no longer accept any modifications or accessories. The HK Urban Fighter now also properly cannot accept regular Spare Clips, needing instead its own, special versions with higher cost and availability.
  • Plastic Components no longer duplicates its rating in its name.
  • Buying Injection Darts no longer forces the user to pick a weapon category that's forced to be Exotic Ranged Weapons
  • Added city district and neighborhood lists (under lifestyles) for Neo-Tokyo, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York City, Cheyenne, Atlanta, Berlin, FDC, Portland, Chicago, Nairobi, Dubai, Europort, and Tenochtitlán.
  • Fixed Flashback System Enables Cyberzombie Conversion customdata not applying correctly.
  • The Cry Wolf Hacking Cyberprogram from Kill Code is now available for purchase for the standard price and availability of Hacking Cyberprograms.
  • Fixed incorrect bonusnode for First Impression quality.
  • Fixed Black Magic [Alt] not being valid for Puppet Master quality.
  • "Advanced Medkit" has been renamed to "Medkit (Bullets & Bandages)" and now has the same availability and abilities as the medkit entry from the core rulebook.
  • Hedge Witch/Wizard drain modifiers now work properly. Fixes #4957.
  • Uneducated now properly disables defaulting on Professional, Academic, and Technical Active skills. Existing characters with this quality will need to re-add the quality or reapply improvements to see this effect.
  • Physical adepts can now take any of the special Awakened type qualities from Forbidden Arcana to be consistent with Aware and Explorers being able to take those as well. This does not mean all players should be allowed to take any of these qualities for adepts, but rather that because the rulebooks are silent on who can and cannot take these qualities, Chummer will technically allow players to take them so that GMs can make case-by-case decisions on the matter.
  • Lingos listed in the core rulebook have been added to all appropriate language skills' suggested specializations list.
  • Internal SmartCam and Synthlink costs are now properly double the cost of whatever they are put into.
  • Drug grades have been added for regular drugs. Currently, they are available as plugins for gear entries that can have drug grades, which is a cumbersome solution, but it works.
  • Added previously missing Stolen Souls entries for items that have nominal duplicates in other books, but these duplicates often don't have the exact same mechanics as the ones listed in Stolen Souls.
  • Added entries for the non-combat versions of the combat chainsaws from Run & Gun.
  • Bio-Weapons from Chrome Flesh now all have appropriate reach and AP.

Changed/New Strings:

  • LimitCondition_SoldierParagon
  • Label_Options_EssenceModifierPostExpression
  • Message_ConfirmReapplySpecificImprovements
  • MessageTitle_ConfirmReapplySpecificImprovements
  • String_SelectedItem
  • Label_SelectAdvancedLifestyle_UnusedLP
  • MessageTitle_SelectAdvancedLifestyle_OverLPLimit
  • Label_SelectAdvancedLifestyle_LPContribution
  • Label_QualityCost
  • Label_LP
  • Label_BonusLP
  • Label_QualityLP
  • Tip_SpellsSelectedSpells
  • String_MasteryPointsAcronym
  • String_Lifestyle