Convert collada (.dae, .kmz) models to obj (.obj, .mtl).
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Collada-to-obj is a Ruby program to convert Collada models to obj format.


  • Install Ruby. I tested with 1.9, but 1.8 may also work.
  • Install the zip gem if you want to work with .kmz models. ‘gem install zip’.


Just call the program with the Collada model to convert as the first argument, and the output directory as the second argument (optional).

  • collada-to-obj.rb model.dae
  • collada-to-obj.rb model.kmz output-dir

The output directory will contain a .obj file, a .mtl file, and all texture images used by the model.

Known Issues

  • I only tested Collada models from Google’s 3D Warehouse. There are a lot of valid Collada models which won’t make it through the converter succesfully. Some of the more significant problem areas are noted below.
  • The <double_sided> flag on materials isn’t supported for now. You’ll only see the front side of <double_sided> meshes.
  • Only <matrix> transforms are supported.
  • Only <triangles> geometry is supported.
  • Only <lambert> materials are supported, with only <ambient> and <diffuse> material properties converted.