The Solarized colour theme, ported to Emacs.
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Solarized for Emacs

Solarized for Emacs is an Emacs port of the Solarized theme for vim, developed by Ethan Schoonover.

Solarized for Emacs is tested only under Emacs 24, but should be working under Emacs 23 as well. The theme is implemented in terms of customizations and deftheme and does not require the color-theme-package.


Solarized for Emacs is available for installation via the MELPA and Marmalade package.el repositories. Assuming you've set one of the them up (I recommend MELPA) you can install solarized like this:

M-x package-install solarized-theme

Afterwards - business as usual, just load one of the theme variants with M-x load-theme.

(If you want to install manually that procedure is briefly documentet in the FAQ at the end of this document.)


Theme specific settings

If you don't like low-contrast modeline or fringe, you can customize them either by doing M-x customize-group solarized or setting the values using elisp code:

;; make the fringe stand out from the background
(setq solarized-distinct-fringe-background t)

;; make the modeline high contrast
(setq solarized-high-contrast-mode-line t)

;; Use less bolding
(setq solarized-use-less-bold t)

;; Use more italics
(setq solarized-use-more-italic t)

;; Use less colors for indicators such as git:gutter, flycheck and similar.
(setq solarized-emphasize-indicators nil)

Note that these need to be set before load-theme is invoked for Solarized.

Underline position setting for X

If you are using emacs under X you might like the following setting which puts the underline below the font bottomline instead of the baseline.

Ihmo it enhances the general readability and also it fits well with the default solarized-high-contrast-mode-line setting which uses an slightly emphazised underline for the modeline to create one horisontal window border in the same manner as the vertical border.

(setq x-underline-at-descent-line t)

Bugs & Improvements

Please, report any problems that you find on the projects integrated issue tracker. If you've added some improvements and you want them included upstream don't hesitate to send me a patch or even better - a GitHub pull request.


Stand-alone manual installation

Save the following files in a folder that's on your Emacs' load-path:

Save the following files into ~/.emacs.d/themes:

Add this your .emacs.d:

(add-to-list 'custom-theme-load-path "~/.emacs.d/themes")

Now you can load the theme with the interactive function load-theme.


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