Movement in Void - A Tribute to TV Buddha
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Movement in Void - A Tribute to TV Buddha

These are all the source codes of my project: Movement in Void - A Tribute to TV-Buddha,

The Arduino folder includes all the microcontroller codes for the servo motor control and the 12V MOSFET fans control.

MotorTest003 - dual servo motor control FanTest004 - 7 channels MOSFET fan control

The VS2010 folder includes the Visual Studio project for the overall control of the installation. The application is built with the openFrameworks v0.7.4 and interfaces with the ThinkGear Connector of the Neurosky Mindwave Mobile headset. It also depends on the OpenCV for the motion template routine. The OpenCV version is 2.4.6.

The Self-organizing Map is an adaptation of the demo source from AI Junkie at The original codes are in Java and modified into C++ for the openFrameworks application.