Western Digital MyBook Live

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Western Digital MyBook Live Series


  • CPU: AMCC PowerPC UNKNOWN (PVR=12c41c83) at 800 MHz (PLB=200, OPB=100, EBC=100 MHz) 32 kB I-Cache 32 kB D-Cache, 256 kB L2-Cache, 32 kB OnChip Memory
  • Board: Apollo-3G - APM82181 Board, 1*SATA
  • DRAM: 256 MB (2x NT5TU64M16GG-AC)
  • FLASH: 512 kB (SST 39VF040)
  • Ethernet: 1xRGMII - 1 Gbit - Broadcom PHY BCM54610
  • HDD: 1 or 2 x SATA-II (MyBook Live Duo has 2 Ports, The MyBook Live only has 1)
  • USB: 1 x 2.0 (only on the MyBook Live Duo)

Installation on a MyBook Live

WARNING: The partition table gets wiped during the installation. Backup your data on the MyBook before you start!

The MyBook Live target produces a compressed ext4 image. It needs to be decompressed with gunzip before it can be installed on the internal HDD via "dd if=img.ext4 of=/dev/sdX". This can be done "in place" with the stock MyBook Live firmware via ssh access. Another way is to connect the serial port to a PC, boot the initramfs image and use sysupgrade.

initramfs + dtb (tftp via Serial)

WARNING: The serial port needs a TTL/RS-232 3.3v level converter!

The initramfs + dtb method allows you to test the LEDE Distribution on your device. It's also useful for recovery and development.

1. copy the initramfs and device tree (*.dtb) into tftp's server directory
   # cp *-initramfs-kernel.bin to /tftp-server/mbl.bin
   # cp *-ext4-kernel.dtb to /tftp-server/fdt.bin

2. Connect the MyBook Live (Duo) serial port.

3. Hit Enter during u-boot and insert these three lines:
   # setenv serverip; setenv ipaddr;
   # tftp ${kernel_addr_r} mbl.bin; tftp ${fdt_addr_r} fdt.bin
   # run addtty addmisc; bootm ${kernel_addr_r} - ${fdt_addr_r}

   Where is your TFTP server and is your MyBook Live device.


If you are looking for ready-to-go images, which can be installed directly on the HDDs:

MyBook Live Duo: lede-apm821xx-mbl-MyBookLiveDuo-ext4-rootfs.img

MyBook Live: lede-apm821xx-mbl-MyBookLiveSingle-ext4-rootfs.img

Check here, for the latest current release.

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