This repository was what I used in my daily life to bootstrap server for what I need.
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Chef Solo Repository for Chunlea

This repository was what I used in my daily life to bootstrap server for what I need.

  1. Prerequisites

At first, you need to clone this repository to your machine. Then, run bundle install to install gems used in the repository. And then, just use berks install to install the cookbooks in Berksfile.

Add SSH authorized_keys to server if necessary. Thank you Github. 😘

Don't forget to change it to your public keys url instead of mine. 😄

mkdir .ssh
curl >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys;chmod 600 .ssh/authorized_keys
  1. The Cookbooks I Used

Cookbook Description
nginx Nginx Cookbook
  1. How to Use Chef-solo

Do the things we mentioned in Prerequisites first.

3.1 Create the node file first

Create the node description in nodes/ Use project's domain as the node's file name, and with those content.

    "run_list": []

3.1 Prepare a new server with chef

Just run knife solo prepare username@__ip_addr__ -i _ssh_private_key -p port -N to prepare your server. It will install chef-solo on your server. Or you can use knife solo bootstrap username@__ip_addr__ -i _ssh_private_key -p port -N to bootstrap your server which can prepare your server first and then cook with the cookbooks in the nodes json file. We offten use bootstrap with a nodes json file to save our time.

3.2 Cook your cookbooks on your server

First of all, after prepare your server, you need to edit the nodes json file of your server. Add recipes to the run_list and so on. Then just run knife solo cook username@__ip_addr__ -i _ssh_private_key -p port -N, it will automatically run your cookbooks on your server.

  1. How to Add New Cookbook

You can just add cookbooks in Berksfile and once you run knife solo prepare or knife solo bootstrap, the knife-solo will automatically install cookbooks form or Github via Berkshelf.

Don't put your own cookbook in cookbooks folder, Put it in site-cookbooks instead or add it's own git repo in Berksfile.

  1. Links