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Keystroke visualizer for GUI version Emacs.
Emacs Lisp
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Keystroke visualizer for GUI version Emacs

This package is a keystroke visualizer for GUI version Emacs.
You no longer need to use external tools to display keystrokes when creating screencasts!



Add the following to your .emacs.

(require 'keypression)

Then, if you want to display keystrokes, do the following:

M-x keypression-mode

Run it again to turn it off.

The default is a simple display, so you can customize it as follows.

(setq keypression-use-child-frame nil
      keypression-fade-out-delay 1.0
      keypression-frame-justify 'keypression-left-justified
      keypression-cast-command-name t
      keypression-cast-command-name-format "%s  %s"
      keypression-combine-same-keystrokes t
      keypression-font-face-attribute '(:width normal :height 200 :weight bold))
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