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ar updates on chapter 2 Arabic translation
by/01-introduction [by] Section 1.2 translated
couchapp fix a by typo
cs Add some translate
de [de] Chapter 02 some spelling corrections according to current german…
ebooks remove style for ebooks, improve regexps for figures
en remove tailing space in en/06
eo/01-introduction start of Esperanto version
epub Remove Groovy-based EPUB generation script
es-mx/01-introduction [es-mx] Start Spanish (Mexico) translation
es-ni Merge remote branch 'alucardni/master'
es [es] Translate chapter 7.2: Git Attibutes
fi [fi] three next sections from chapter 2 translated
figures-dia Created to images in Dia, and draft script to make png from it
figures-source some minor spelling fixes
figures make background white for figures
fr [fr] chapter 5 proofreading
hu/01-introduction Ready the 6th paragraph.
id Indonesian translation: chapter 3.4
it Review of chapter 1 and 2 by Claudio Chisari, thank you Claudio
ja [ja] Translate "Summary". Complete the translation of Chapter 8.
ko/01-introduction add ko chapter1
latex Scale images'width to 0.6 pagewidth
mk Merge remote branch 'dulebel/master'
nl Merge pull request #75 from Cpt/progit
pl [pl] missing commas, chapter 8 begun
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ro/01-introduction Finished Chapter 1 translation to Romanian [ro]
ru Merge pull request #105 from egens/master
sr/01-introduction subchapter translated
th [th] Complete Thai translation for Chapter 1.
zh-tw change to Linus Torvalds
zh reviewed chapter 5, till Contributing to a Project
.gitattributes Merge remote branch 'jnavila/master'
.gitignore Merge pull request #54 from gioele/progit
README instructions for making an ebook
Rakefile adding a rake task to generate pdfs
makeebooks sort sources
makepdfs Added "make all langs" script.
summary.rb Modify summary to make accounts in percent


Pro Git Book Contents

This is the source code for the Pro Git book contents.  It is licensed under the
Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 license.  I hope you
enjoy it, I hope it helps you learn Git, and I hope you'll support Apress and me
by purchasing a print copy of the book at Amazon:

Making Ebooks

On Fedora you can run something like this:

    $ yum install ruby calibre rubygems ruby-devel rubygem-ruby-debug 
    $ gem install rdiscount
    $ makeebooks en  # will produce a mobi

If you see anything that is technically wrong or otherwise in need of correction,
please email me at schacon at gmail dot com to inform me.

If you wish to translate the book, I will put the translation up on the
site.  Please put your translation into the appropriate subdirectory of this 
project (ie: 'it' for Italian and so forth) and send me (schacon) a pull request.
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