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Rdio Scanner

Rdio Scanner is a progressive web interface for listening to audio files generated by various recorders. Its interface tries to reproduce the user experience of a real police scanner, while adding its own touch.

The number of available recorders continues to grow. Among them, Rdio Scanner has proven to be compatible and even very useful when used in conjunction with Trunk Recorder, RTLSDR-Airband, SDRTrunk, csdr and many others.

The client web app is responsive and also works well on mobile devices.

How it works

Rdio Scanner has all the backend and frontend components to deal with your audio files.

The server side of Rdio Scanner can monitor directories for audio files to be ingested, or has an API to upload audio files from a remote (or local) location. Those files are associated to defined systems/talkgroups in the server's configuration, then stored locally in its database. The web application clients are notified of these new audio files based on their own systems/talkgroups selection. It is also possible for clients to browse for archived audio files and replay them in an offline manner, or download them individually.

Main features

  • Simplistic interface, but strong usability.
  • Administrative dashboard for easy server configuration.
  • Configurable systems and talkgroups.
  • Talkgroups from any systems can be grouped together for better selection of live streams.
  • Access control via password with possible restriction to systems/talkgroups.
  • Downloadable audio files from the database archives.
  • Folder monitoring for new audio files to be ingested.
  • Generic API to which you can push your audio files.
  • Redistribute systems/talkgroups to other Rdio Scanner instances.
  • Automatic pruning of the database after a configurable number of days.
  • Unit ID alias where you can display a label instead of its numeric value.
  • Configurable LED colors based on system or talkgroup.


Main Screen

Systems/Talkgroups Selection

Call Search


Raspberry Pi users can use this script to simplify the installation procedure.

Questions / Comments

You can ask your questions or post your comments on the Gitter Rdio Scanner Lobby where the community continues to grow.

Native app

Rdio Scanner is now the perfect software-defined radio companion. Go get the native client here:

Available on the App Store Get it on Google Play

Commercial support

Commercial support is available at

Show your appreciation / Support the author

If you like Rdio Scanner please consider starring the repository to show you appreciation to the author for his hard work. It cost nothing but is really appreciated.

If you use Rdio Scanner for commercial purposes or derive income from it, please consider sponsoring this project to help support continued development.

Happy Rdio scanning !


Rdio Scanner is an interface similar to a police radio scanner for software defined radio recorders





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