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UoL Thesis: QR codes for authentication
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Valera Chevtaev - Thesis - QR Authentication - final.pdf


UoL Thesis: QR codes for authentication

Final version of [dissertation document PDF](Valera Chevtaev - Thesis - QR Authentication - final.pdf) was commited into GIT on 30th of June 2016 after the grade has been provided by the University of Liverpool.


  • qr-auth-chrome, Desktop component for Chrome web browser to request authentication from the vault, generates QR code to be scanned by Mobile component
  • qr-auth-srv, Server component as a lightweight replacement for file sharing service (ex. Dropbox) implementing file exchange between Mobile component and Desktop component
  • QrAuthVault, Mobile component acting as credentials vault, access device's camera to scan QR code generated by Desktop component


[Dissertation final document (PDF)](Valera Chevtaev - Thesis - QR Authentication - final.pdf)

IT artefacts download page:, also available via secure connection (HTTPS) on

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