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Using tmux

Matt Churchyard edited this page Jul 12, 2016 · 2 revisions

If you would prefer to run virtual machines on a tmux session rather than using nmdm/cu, this is now supported in v1.1+

At the moment it requires manually adding the following option to $vm_dir/.config/system.conf. (This setting defaults to nmdm)


Once set, any new guests started will have a tmux session associated with them. The session name is the same as the guest name, although you can also attach to the tmux session using the standard vm console guest command.

# vm list |grep fbsd
fbsd            default         bhyveload   2      256M      -                    No           Running (88761)
# tmux ls
fbsd: 1 windows (created Tue Jun 28 10:42:22 2016) [168x46]
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