The Church Content WordPress plugin provides compatible themes with church-related post types, taxonomies and custom fields.
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Church Content WordPress Plugin

A WordPress plugin from providing compatible themes with church-related post types, taxonomies and fields. This plugin was previously named "Church Theme Content".


Church Content provides functionality enabling the user to manage sermons, events, people and locations to be displayed by a compatible theme.

Experienced WordPress developers agree that functionality like this does not belong in themes since themes are intended only to control the appearance of a WordPress site. Content that users might expect to take with them if they switch themes should "live" in a plugin. Similarly, our approach is not to display content using the plugin since themes offer more control for that purpose.

For more information:

For a list of official and third-party compatible themes, see Best Church WordPress Themes.


The Church Content plugin was made in a way that other church theme developers can take advantage of it. A couple benefits are that you will save time and be helping to accomplish better data portability among church websites powered by WordPress.

Visit the Developer Guide on for instructions and example code.