@stevengliebe stevengliebe released this Oct 23, 2018

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Blog Post: Migration Tool for Risen Theme Available with Church Content 2.1

  • Add Tools > Migrate from Risen (when Risen theme active)
  • Replace “theme not compatible” notice with notice to initiate migration when Risen theme is active
  • Hide Church Content post type menu links when Risen is active
  • Add ctc_update_setting() for updating a setting’s value
  • Fix add_theme_support( ‘ctc-sermons’ ) taxonomies and fields not having effect (using all instead)
  • Fix text domain on ‘Choose Date’ string
  • Add Danish (da_DK) translation
  • Update French (fr_FR) translation

@stevengliebe stevengliebe released this Oct 11, 2018 · 50 commits to master since this release

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Blog Post: Theme and Plugin Maintenance Releases

  • Prevent 'Choose Date' button from not working when another plugin (or theme) uses jQuery UI Datepicker (Toolset Types plugin, Eden theme, others)
  • Update CT Meta Box to 2.2.3

@stevengliebe stevengliebe released this Oct 1, 2018 · 53 commits to master since this release

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Blog Post: Church Content Pro Released, New Packages Available

  • Add support for Church Content Pro add-on.
  • Add support for Gutenberg beta (Classic Editor still recommended until WordPress 5.0).
  • Update CT Plugin Settings to 1.2.2.
  • Update CT Recurrence library to 2.0.4 (now using php-rrule for recurring events).
  • Require PHP 5.3 for new php-rrule recurring events library (notice shown).
  • Declare Gutenberg support for all meta boxes (compatibility)
  • Set show_in_rest to true on all taxonomy registration (Gutenberg compatibility)
  • Add ChurchThemes.com blog feed to News widget on dashboard with setting to disable.
  • Implement new calender-based datepicker for events.
  • Make instances of 'sermon', 'events', etc. use post type label to allow Pro filtering
  • Add classes to notices for various license statuses
  • Add alternative license expiration notices for Agency Mode
  • Show combined expiration notice when a ChurchThemes.com theme and Pro add-on have same license key
  • Change add-on license 'expiring soon ' criteria from 30 to 7 days
  • Update settings to support Church Content Pro
  • Add settings tabs for Sermons, Podcast, Events, People, Locations and Other.
  • Flush rewrite rules on settings save
  • Add note about Agency Mode
  • Add settings.js and enqueue it
  • Change 'Write your story' for various post types (e.g. 'Enter sermon transcript' and 'Write a biography') - Gutenberg
  • Tailor title placeholders to each post type (e.g. 'Sermon Title' instead of 'Add Title') - Classic Editor
  • Show Google Maps API Key notice on list of events/locations since notice cannot be shown on Gutenberg add/edit
  • Reduce width of settings inputs and set maxlength attr
  • Change 'Blog pages show at most' in Settings > Reading to 'Posts per page' in consideration of multiple post types
  • Make settings show status of recurring events (grandfathered/basic, Custom Recurring Events or Pro).
  • Add settings to hide features in admin menu
  • Add Settings submenu links for each post type menu, and Podcasting for sermons
  • Replace all references to URLs on churchthemes.com with call to ctc_ctcom_url() function
  • Change 'Add-ons' plugin meta link to 'Upgrade to Pro' on Plugin screen
  • Remove errant call to ctc_hide_theme_support_notice action
  • Reduce post thumbnail size from 80x80 to 60x60 to make rows more compact
  • Prevent recurrence updating from running when recurrence field not supported
  • Don't show recurrence note in admin column for event when recurrence field not supported
  • Improve top margin on Recur Until
  • Separate settings config out into ctc_settings_config()
  • Run ctc_settings_setup earlier so other early actions can use ctc_setting()
  • Improve ctc_correct_all_events query
  • Add ctc_update_recurring_event_dates_after action
  • Tidy up ctc_update_recurring_event_dates()
  • Run ctc_correct_all_events() on update to 2.0 to apply handling of Recur Until to existing events
  • Replace various functions with ctc_correct_event() and ctc_correct_all_events() for simplicity and run on save and elsewhere
  • Add ctc_correct_event_recurrence_end_date() to empty Recur Until when no Start Date or when earlier than Start Date
  • Add date_button and date_multiple from newest CT Meta Box
  • Correct various ctc- class prefixes to be ctmb- with CT Meta Box
  • Make 'Choose Date' string's context not specific to events
  • Add ctc_sermon_word_singular() and ctc_post_type_label()
  • Add ctc_edd_license_notice_key and ctc_edd_license_key_field_after_input filters
  • Make ctc_edd_license_settings_fields and ctc_edd_license_notices filterable
  • Change ctc_location_post_type() to ctc_register_location_post_type() for consistency
  • Add ctc_sermon_post_type_args() and ctc_taxonomy_sermon_topic_args() so can get args unfiltered
  • Add ctc_event_post_type_args(), ctc_location_post_type_args() and ctc_person_post_type_args() so can get unfiltered args
  • Add ctc_is_url() and ctc_shorten() helper functions
  • Add ctc_check_flush_rewrite_rules() function
  • Add force argument to ctc_update_recurring_event_dates()
  • Add ctc_is_block_editor() for Gutenberg support
  • Add ctc_is_cpt_add_edit() condition helper
  • Switch substr to mb_substr
  • Add Afrikaans translation

@stevengliebe stevengliebe released this Sep 1, 2017 · 338 commits to master since this release

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Blog: Church Content Plugin 1.8 - New Name

Church Content is the new name for this plugin. It was formerly named Church Theme Content. Only the name has changed. The functionality is the same. A compatible theme is still required.

  • Change name to "Church Content" from "Church Theme Content"
  • Show counts for sermons, events, etc. in "At a Glance" on Dashboard
  • Change "View Posts" in admin bar to "View Sermons", "View Events", etc. as appropriate
  • Make add-on license notices use same classes / colors as theme license in Church Theme Framework
  • Enable REST API by default for all post types
  • Include improved Swedish translation by Ola Christensson
  • Add Norwegian / Nynorsk (nn_NO) translation by Jostein Fauske
  • Add prevent_wporg_plugin_update() to prevent add-on plugins using EDD Software Licensing from being replaced by same-named plugins on WordPress.org
  • Update CT Meta Box and CT Plugin Settings submodules
  • Update EDD Software Licensing plugin updater class for add-ons
  • Use version_compare in language loading
  • Correct wp_kses / printf nesting on Google Maps API notice
  • Update URLs throughout to relect name change and new URLs relating to plugin on churchthemes.com
  • Change license string to "GPLv2 or later" so GPLv3 code can be used - same as WordPress core
  • Improve readme.txt contents for WordPress.org listing

Developers: Nothing has changed but the public name. You can keep using the same church-theme-content and ctc strings.

@stevengliebe stevengliebe released this Dec 5, 2016 · 376 commits to master since this release

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  • Make 'Show directions link' translatable for locations, not just events
  • Update admin_notices to use new classes (3 months ago)
  • Add Slovak / Slovenčina (sk_SK) translation by Patrik Varmecký
  • Improve French translation (thank you Bonnenouvelle.fr)
  • Add @galengidman as contributor - Event Registration URL field, PR #15
  • Update translations in readme.txt
  • Update tested up to WordPress 4.7

@stevengliebe stevengliebe released this Aug 3, 2016 · 386 commits to master since this release

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  • Add interactive Google Map to add/edit event and location screens
  • Make "Get From Address" use Google Maps JavaScript API instead of Geocoding API
  • Show alert when "Get From Address" geocoding button clicked with missing API Key
  • Switch Map Zoom to range control instead of select dropdown
  • Show Map Type as inline radios instead of select dropdown
  • Simplify event Venue and Address descriptions
  • Remove descriptions from Longitude, Map Zoom and Map Type
  • Update CT Meta Box to 2.1
  • Update "Tested up to" WordPress 4.6

@stevengliebe stevengliebe released this Jun 30, 2016 · 446 commits to master since this release

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As of June 22, the Google Maps API requires an API key. The plugin itself and themes supporting it can share the key entered into settings.

  • Add Google Maps API Key setting in Settings > Church Theme Content
  • Add dismissible notice for missing Google Maps API key on add/edit event and location screens when theme supports longitude and latitude fields
  • Create maps include and move map helpers into it
  • Update language files
  • Correct since on ctc_add_meta_box_event_registration()

@stevengliebe stevengliebe released this Jun 17, 2016 · 452 commits to master since this release

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  • Change Google Maps API geocoder URL to https to avoid mixed content warnings on sites with SSL admin areas

@stevengliebe stevengliebe released this Jun 17, 2016 · 456 commits to master since this release

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See blog post for more information.

  • Add "Get From Address" geocoding button to autofill Latitude and Longitude (event and location maps)
  • Add Registration URL field to event post type (thank you @galengidman, pull request #15)
  • Fix typo "Choose an Video Title"
  • Update language files

@stevengliebe stevengliebe released this May 25, 2016 · 472 commits to master since this release

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  • Prepare plugin for language packs via translate.wordpress.org (added Stable tag)
  • Escape translation strings with esc_html and wp_kses for better security with third-party language packs
  • Update CT Plugin Settings library to 1.0.1 (translation security)
  • Update CT Meta Box library to 2.0.1 (translation security)