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Plugin for working with TestCafe tests via SublimeText IDE.
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TestCafe Test Runner for SublimeText


TestCafe is a pure Node.js end-to-end framework for testing web apps. This plugin allows you to run TestCafe tests directly from your SublimeText editor. Tests results will be displayed in a separate panel.


This plugin requires that TestCafe is installed globally on your machine. For instructions on how to install TestCafe, refer to the Installing TestCafe article.

How to install

You can install the TestCafe Test Runner plugin like any other SublimeText plugin, as described in SublimeText documentation.

How it works


During initialization, the plugin detects browsers installed on your machine. The TestRunner plugin generates new items in the context menu for each installed browser. These items allow you to run tests in a selected browser.

Editor context menu

Running a particular test

To run a particular test, you should place the cursor within the test body and select the required browser from the context menu.

Running tests of a particular test fixture

To run all the tests from a particular test fixture, place the cursor in this fixture (but outside of a test body), and select the required browser from the context menu.

Running all the tests from a test file

To run all the tests from the current file, invoke a context menu when the cursor is placed outside of any fixture, and select the required browser from the context menu. You can also run all tests in a file using the side bar context menu.

Side bar context menu

Rerunning previous tests

If you need to run the same set of tests you ran previously, invoke the context menu and select the Rerun Previous Tests item.

View results

You can view test execution results in a special panel opened using the Ctrl+Alt+L shortcut.

Tests result

Commands and shortcuts

  • Run in chrome (firefox, ie) (CTRL+ALT+1,2,3…) - runs a test or fixture at the cursor position in the required browser.
  • Rerun previous tests (CTRL+ALT+P) - reruns a set of tests that was run previously.
  • Show output panel (CTRL+ALT+L) - opens the TestCafe output panel.
  • Refresh browser list – forces plugin reinitialization. When initialized, plugin detects all the installed browsers. Use this command to update browser list when you have installed or uninstalled a browser.


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