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Docker demo for takaojs meetup 11th.
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Docker demo for takaojs 1607

This is a docker demo for takaojs meetup at 2016/07/04.

  • OS: Ubuntu 15.04
  • node: 5.12.0
  • npm: 3.8.6
  • python: 2.7.11
  • selenium: 2.53.0

Docker Container

Published to the public Docker Hub via automated build mechanism and fork from selenium/node-chrome-debug2.48.2.

Docker Hub: chusiang/takaojs1607


  • chusiang/takaojs1607 (lastest)


  1. Get docker image.

     $ docker pull chusiang/takaojs1607
  2. Get vnc port (5900 port on guest os).

     $ docker port $(docker run --name e2e -d -P chusiang/takaojs1607) 5900
  3. Remote with VNC client.

     # on macOS.
     $ open vnc://:secret@

e2e test with angular-seed

  1. Enter e2e container.

     $ docker exec -it e2e bash
  2. Switch user.

     root@9ecd32e05262:/# su - seluser
  3. Get angular-seed repo with git.

     seluser@9ecd32e05262:~$ git clone && cd angular-seed
  4. Install npm packages.

     $ npm install
  5. Start server.

     $ npm run start &
  6. Run e2e test.

     $ npm run protractor



Copyright (c) chusiang from 2016 under the MIT license.

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