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Diet. KISS.

If you upgraded from a previous release, you can remove the title_url field from the casimir table: ALTER TABLE casimir DROP COLUMN title_url v1.x v1.3 (2011/01/17)

Enhancements and fixes by Neofutur:

If you don't have it yet, add this field to your "casimir" table: ALTER TABLE casimir ADD title_url VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'No title defined for this url', ADD FULLTEXT (title_url) v1.2 (2010/01/20)

  • FIXED: handle empty short URL creation with bookmarklet
  • FIXED: readme.txt v1.1 (2010/01/05)

  • NEW: daily, weekly, and monthly statistics
  • FIXED: access_key added to the bookmarklet

If you don't have it yet, create this table in your MySQL database:

CREATE TABLE `casimir_stats` (
  `short_url` varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
  `use_date` timestamp NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00'