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Use this library to upload images to and get URLs to them. No server-side configuration required.

Getting Started

First, go to and obtain your public authorization token for use on client side.

Include in your web page(2.6kb) and configure it:

<script src=""></script>
var client = new AvatarsIO('Your public token'); // obtain at

	var uploader = client.create('#avatar'); // selector for input[type="file"] field, here #avatar, for example
	uploader.setAllowedExtensions(['png', 'jpg']); // optional, defaults to png, gif, jpg, jpeg
	uploader.on('complete', function(url){
		alert(url); // for example,

Next, set up file field with #avatar id (for example):

<div> <!-- surround it with some container element -->
	<input type="file" id="avatar">


Library emits such events as: init, start, complete. You can add listeners to these using on method:

uploader.on('init', function(){
	// instance of uploader initialized

uploader.on('start', function(){
	// fires when new avatar starts uploading

uploader.on('complete', function(url){
	// fires when avatar finished uploading


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