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Python avatar picker and uploader for

Current version of avatarsio is 0.1; it's stable.

Requirements, dependencies

avatarsio supports both Python 2 and Python 3 and is on PyPi.

As described in requirements.txt, the only dependency is requests (HTTP for humans, because, well, it is awesome and should be built-in).

You can install it from source or using pip (eg. in a virtualenv):

pip install avatarsio


You don't really need the lib if you just want to get user avatars from services such as Twitter of Facebook. Just use the corresponding URL as explained on

The lib is useful for custom avatar upload. You need first to register an app on Chute. Then, it's quite straightforward:

>>> from avatarsio import AvatarsIO
>>> avtio = AvatarsIO('my-client-id', 'my-access-token')

# With a file name:
>>> avtio.upload('kitten.png')

# With a file object:
>>> fobj = open('kitten.png', 'rb')
>>> avtio.upload(fobj)

# You can give a custom identifer:
>>> avtio.upload('kitten.png', 'my-identifier')

# And obviously, build sersvice avatar URLs:
# (but sersiouly, you don't need the lib for that)
>>> AvatarsIO.avatar_url('twitter', 'my-identifier')



Extra stuff

Feel free to submit bug reports and improvements on the bug tracker.