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API REST with Spring4 and OAUTH2 (example)
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Example of an API REST with Spring 4 and Spring Security with OAUTH2

Includes a small CRUD for a defined User Entity.

  • Remeber to add your datasource connection params at '' file, to test.
  • When datasource added, comment in memory authentication and uncomment DB authentication.
  • Remember to add jdbc driver if using different than Mysql / Maria DB.
  • Once cloned, type 'mvn install tomcat7:run' in your command line to run.
  • Once running find app docs at: http://localhost:8080/restapp
  • For generating war file, type 'mvn clean install package'

You can see a small tutorial of Spring Rest an other Java releated topics (in spanish) at:

Feel free to reach me at or find out more about me at :)

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