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Imitate Sublime Text's behavior of snippets, and bring it to Brackets.
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Imitate snippets feature of Sublime Text, and bring it to Brackets.

Screen demo


Gif size ~500kb, please wait until loaded


  1. Insert snippets by pressing Tab key
  2. Select next variables or cursors by pressing Tab key
  3. Edit multiple variables at one time
  4. Fully customize your own snippets in Snippets Manager (See below)
  5. Hang around Snippets Library and find some other awesome snippets! (See below)

Articles And Tutorials

Traditional Chinese 繁体中文

Japanese 日本語


Russian русский язык

Korean 한국어

Snippets Manager


Snippets Library


The library is currently maintained by myself, you can contribute more snippets by simply creating an issue and submit your snippets, or

  1. Fork this project;
  2. Edit library-hints.yml, then commit changes and push it to your repository;
  3. Perform a pull request.


Search Brackets Snippets (by edc) in Brackets Extension Manager, and install it.

Failed to download it in Brackets? Try the alternative instructions:

  1. Download .zip package of the latest version
  2. Drag the file into the bottom-left position of Extension Manager
  3. Restart Brackets


Please read #48


  1. Support more triggers like {{ /* (#10)
  2. Insert keystroke (#30)
  3. Support ctrl/cmd-save
  4. Work with emmet
  5. Add Environment Variables support like what Sublime Text provides (Anyone need this?)


  1. JavaScript & NodeJS Snippets for Sublime Text 2/3
  2. HTML snippets for Sublime Text
  3. CSS snippets for Sublime Text