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just add link to this module in Kohana::modules() in bootstrap.php
navigate to your docroot (where index.php locates) via CLI
run "php index.php --uri=generate/model" to run jelly-models generator
or "php index.php --uri=generate/controller" to run controllers generator
Model-generator usage:
syntax of commands to generate models:
if you will run
CLI-generator>Model> user_metadata|my_users_meta
this will create model Model_User_Metadata with such schema:
class Model_User_Metadata extends Jelly_Model {
public static function initialize(Jelly_Meta $meta)
The file location will be "application/classes/model/user/metadata.php"
if no table specifyed (in case it's name satisfyes ORM standards) - it will not add call to table() method of ORM
CLI-generator>Model> user
this will create model Model_User with schema:
class Model_Seller extends Jelly_Model {
public static function initialize(Jelly_Meta $meta)
Controller-generator usage:
syntax of commands to generate controllers:
CONTROLLER_NAME - name of controller that you want to generate. Without prefix "Controller_".
PARENT_CONTROLLER - name of controller that your generated controller will extend. Without prefix "Controller_". Default value: "Controller".
ACTION1, ACTION2 etc. - actions that will be generated.
Examples of usage:
CLI-generator>Controller> user.template|create|read|update|delete
will generate this controller:
class Controller_User extends Controller_Template {
public function action_create() {
public function action_read() {
public function action_update() {
public function action_delete() {
About the module:
I know many things are not perfect here, the code in some places possibly awful... But:
1) It works
2) I will work on the module if someone else will be interested in it.
All bugfixes, comments, advices etc. (any response) are appreciated.
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