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It is a very simple config server. I bet most of you have already done something similar but maybe this could be useful for someone else.


Save your config files with ".config" extension wherever you want. In my case this will be priv/config/dev and priv/config/prod

Example structure of "priv" directory: Example tree output for priv directory

Example config file content (more examples could be found in priv/config directory of the project):

Example config content

  • Starting Cfgsrv
cfgsrv:set_path("priv/config/dev"). %% Default path when application was started is priv/config
  • Reading config values
cfgsrv:get("app", "key"), %% "Value"
cfgsrv:get("app.key_with_subkeys", "subkey2"). %% subkey2_value
cfgsrv:get("app.key_with_subkeys", "nonexistent_key", my_default_value). %% my_default_value
  • Reading multiple values from config
%% You can also pass tuple {Key, Default_value} to get Default_value instead of 'undefined' when the key was not found
cfgsrv:get_multiple("app.key_with_subkeys.subkey1", ["subsubkey1", {"subsubkey2", default_value}, {"subsubkey3", default_value}]).
%% The result will be [subsubkey1_value, subsubkey2_value, default_value]
  • Updating configs
cfgsrv:update() %% This will update all configs data from the initial :PATH
cfgsrv:update("app") %% This will update only app.config data from the initial :PATH ("priv/config/dev")
  • Updating configs path
cfgsrv:set_path("priv/config/prod") %% This will change path from "dev" to "prod" and load new configs
  • Extending

To extend any other config you can add {extends, "path"} key to your .config file ("path" is relative to current configs path). If you will pass path to any directory without specifying a filename then config with the same name will be extended.