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Notificon :: Client-side favicon notifications.

Notificon is a BSD licensed javascript class for providing client-side favicon notifications. Instead of requiring a number of favicons be created and served up to the client, you can specify a label and a favicon (default being the current favicon) and it will generate a favicon notification.

Example is available here

Browser Support

Due to browser limitations, Favicons can only be changed post-render in Chrome 6+ and Firefox 2+. Other browsers are currently unsupported.

Basic Usage

1) Include the notificon.js in your page 2) Call Notificon(12) to overlay the number 12 on your favicon.

Advance Usage

Notificon can take 2 parameters - Notificon(label, favicon_url) where label is the text to overlay, and favicon_url is the url of a 16x16 favicon.

An empty label will clear your favicon to its original state. e.g. Notificon();

Favicon_url defaults to your primary favicon (if specified in head, or with fallback to /favicon.ico)