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Mar 26, 2012

  1. Antoine Girbal

    SERVER-5062: proper stopping of threads

    agirbal authored
  2. Antoine Girbal

    SERVER-5062: parallel/del.js test seems not to be running correctly

    agirbal authored
  3. Dwight Merriman

    SERVER-4328 clarify the error message if a nested lcok

    dwight authored

Mar 25, 2012

  1. Eliot

    SERVER-5394 use ScopedDbConnection instead of ShardConnection when co…

    …nnecting to config server
    erh authored
  2. Eliot

    SERVER-5395 _balancedLastTime not reset when we have no chunks to bal…

    erh authored

Mar 24, 2012

  1. Tad Marshall

    Revert change to util/paths.h

    Requested to revert code.
    tadmarshall authored
  2. Tad Marshall

    Revert the two bandaid patches

    Fixing util/paths.h fixed the "wrong assert" problem, so the
    changes to db/matcher.cpp and db/btree.cpp are not needed now.
    tadmarshall authored
  3. Tad Marshall

    Fix wrong assert macro in util/paths.h

    We need to replace the assert definition that Boost defines with our version,
    otherwise code that includes this header won't work.
    tadmarshall authored
  4. Tad Marshall

    Fix wrong assert -- bandaid 2

    Make btree.cpp use the correct assert while headers are being
    tadmarshall authored
  5. Tad Marshall

    Fix wrong assert macro -- bandaid version

    The code in matcher.cpp detects when it is using the wrong assert()
    macro in release builds and that code was triggering, preventing
    mongod from passing unit tests and making BuildBot useless.  This
    fix fixes matcher.cpp only and is just to get the builds going again.
    Now looking for which header file did this to us.  More to come ...
    tadmarshall authored

Mar 23, 2012

  1. Tad Marshall

    SERVER-1163 Retry calls to FlushViewOfFile on error 33

    FlushViewOfFile() will return error code 33 (ERROR_LOCK_VIOLATION)
    in some cases, but this is a "transient" error, and just retrying
    repeatedly will (supposedly) always work.  This changes the code
    to retry up to one million times and for up to 60 seconds if it
    continues to get ERROR_LOCK_VIOLATION.
    tadmarshall authored
  2. add buildlogger (separate test output)

    Dan Crosta authored
  3. Andy Schwerin

    Fix Windows build of zip archives in SCons.

    andy10gen authored
  4. Eric Milkie

    SERVER-5101 better test output so we know exactly which variant we're on

    milkie authored
  5. Tad Marshall

    Add namespace_details files to Visual Studio projects

    tadmarshall authored
  6. Andy Schwerin

    Build "test" as part of "all".

    andy10gen authored
  7. Andy Schwerin

    Fix Visual Studio Solution Builds

    andy10gen authored
  8. Pedro Larroy

    SERVER-5348: fix wrong usage of BOOST_CHECK_EXCEPTION macro BOOST_CHE…

    …CK_EXCEPTION is to be used only with the boost unit test framework, not as a general tool to catch exceptions.
    Signed-off-by: Eric Milkie <>
    larroy authored milkie committed
  9. Dwight Merriman


    dwight authored
  10. SCons refactoring, cleans up building and testing the C++ client.

    This patch does the following:
    1.) Remove pcre.h dependencies in the C++ client, and remove some other
    unnecessary dependencies.
    2.) Clean up how we build the client from the client source tarball, so it's
    more like how we build it from the git repo / full source tarball.
    3.) Fix up our "scons" so you only have to write "scons ." to build all of our
    binaries, the binary archive (zip or tgz) and client source archive (zip or
    4.) Fix up SCons aliases "core", "tools", and "all".
    5.) Let user specify the name of the client tarball via a SCons command line
    Resolves SERVER-4231, SERVER-5255.
    Andy Schwerin authored andy10gen committed
  11. Dwight Merriman

    with the last change to admin db locking behavior it is now only allo…

    …wed to be nested for reading. so changing the test to match that
    dwight authored
  12. Dwight Merriman

    we consider admin and local dbs candidates for nested locks. however …

    …when writing to admin you need to lock both
    in this change we simply W lock the whole system on admin writes. this should make writing to auth work.
    however there may be better solutions.  we may be able to treat admin db as non-nested on writes period.
    dwight authored
  13. Eliot

    make buildscripts pay attention to fassert and assign error codes

    erh authored
  14. Eliot

    a little organizing for clarity aroung yields

    erh authored
  15. Eric Milkie

    attempt to fix Windows build

    tr1 contains boost's shared pointer and thus the symbol names conflict
    unless you explicitly scope them. "using boost::shared_ptr" isn't sufficient.
    milkie authored
  16. astaple

    compile win?

    astaple authored

Mar 22, 2012

  1. astaple

    error codes

    astaple authored
  2. astaple

    Use append() and appendNumber() rather than the insertion operator wh…

    …en appending values in explain.cpp
    astaple authored
  3. astaple

    SERVER-5288 Use appendNumber when writing long longs to explain output.

    astaple authored
  4. astaple

    Normalize usage of BSONObjBuilder in explain.cpp

    astaple authored
  5. astaple

    SERVER-4484 Comments attempting to describe how Cursors currently ens…

    …ure consistency after a write
    astaple authored
  6. astaple

    Rename loadedObject to loadedRecord and specifically MatchDetails::lo…

    …adedObject() to MatchDetails::hasLoadedRecord().
    astaple authored
  7. astaple

    Store MatchDetails::_elemMatchKey as a string.

    astaple authored
  8. astaple


    astaple authored
  9. astaple

    In matchertests, move ns and client into CollectionBase

    astaple authored
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