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Syntax highlighting color theme mimicking the look of GitHub's code viewer. 😍
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GitHub Theme for Emacs

This package provides a syntax highlighting theme for Emacs, inspired by the classic GitHub theme colors. It attempts to stay true to the GitHub syntax highlighting colors, while still looking good in every language inside Emacs.

NOTE: If you prefer the modern GitHub colors, you might prefer this theme over this one.


  • Emacs — An extensible, customizable, free/libre text editor — and more.


The theme can either be installed manually by downloading the github-theme.el file or through MELPA:


  1. Make sure you have enabled MELPA in Emacs. (Click here for instructions.)
  2. Hit M-x in Emacs (usually, this means holding down the alt-key and pressing the x-key).
  3. Type package-install and hit enter.
  4. Type github-theme and hit enter. The theme will now be downloaded and installed by Emacs.


To enable the theme, Emacs must be instructed to load it:

  1. Hit M-x again.
  2. Type load-theme and hit enter. Emacs will now prompt you for the theme name.
  3. Type github and hit enter. The theme should now be applied.

If you want to apply the theme automatically when Emacs starts, make sure to add the following in your init.el file:

(load-theme 'github t)


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