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TweetDuck is not displaying correctly

The app uses hardware acceleration by default, which improves performance but can cause issues on certain graphics devices.

If you experience issues with displaying TweetDuck, please disable hardware acceleration by opening the Options -> Advanced tab and unchecking Hardware Acceleration.

Importing a profile does not log me in anymore

When you export a profile and tick login session, your current authentication token is saved in the exported file. If you log out of TweetDeck via Settings -> Log out on the website, that token is invalidated, which logs you out of all instances of TweetDuck and also prevents the old token in the exported profile from being used again.

The only solution is to log in again, and then re-export your profile. However, if your profile gets stolen, you can log out from any computer that is using that profile, which will make it impossible for the attacker to use the profile to get into your account (note that you should still update your passswords).

You can log out without invalidating your token by going to Options -> Manage Options -> Restore Defaults and checking Login Session (uncheck all other boxes that are selected by default).