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Version 0.2.0 (2016 September 11)

Merged in changes from dev, versions v0.1.2-dev through v0.1.9-dev.

Thanks to @invisnet for adding lagg to physical interfaces and the suggestion to correctly handle MTU on bridges.

Thanks to @3add3287 for rcboot fix.

  • ENH: Add property 'bhyve_disk_type' to control disk attachment method between virtio-blk and ahci-hd. e7266ea

    • Increments chyves_guest_version to 0300.
    • Merged with dataset_version to 0005 changes.
  • ENH: Ability to include additional bhyveload flags when starting FreeBSD guests. 587eaae

    • This was added after reading an article by @michaeldexter.
    • Increments chyves_guest_version to 0202.
    • Increments dataset_version to 0005.
  • ENH: Added ability to attach 32 disks to a single AHCI controller per PCI slot on FreeBSD 10 and 11 due to MFCs.

    • Originally committed to 12-CURRENT at r302459
    • MFCed to 11-STABLE at r304422
    • MFCed to 10-STABLE at r304420
  • ENH: Indicate default bridge for chyves list bridges. 4b67678

  • Moved clone handling in __parse_cmd_ingress 29d1fd1

    • In the future, when cloning a guest, a snapshot will be able to be specified. This is the first step by removing it from the case switch.
  • Enhancements and fixes for chyves info.

    • Added '-w' flag to truncate output to terminal width. e4f651d
    • Added '-u' flag to display UEFI properties. The UEFI console output type, firmware, VNC IP and port, mouse type, pause boot until VNC connect, and VNC resolution are displayed. a4a24ce
    • Updated code comments and minor fixes. 095c8cb
  • Changed version nomenclature to 9 major versions rather than 999. 116b1b5

  • Add CoreOS as a grub-bhyve preconfigured OS. 562f9c5

  • ENH: Give host version information for chyves version. 96c6c08

  • ENH: Allow Intel e1000 emulation on FreeBSD 10 and 11 due to MFCs. b8260e2, d356178, 7886c65

    • Originally committed on 12-CURRENT at r302504
    • MFCed to 11-STABLE at r304424
    • MFCed to 10-STABLE at r304425
  • DOC: Minor changes to 855a208

  • DOC: Minor change to code comments in __start. fd9b0c1

  • FIX: Reworked _FREEBSD_NET_DRIVERS_GREP_STRING string again to remove wireless devices and add a few missing drivers. c582b59

  • FIX: Add parameter number check for chyves dev. b8d6ed0

  • FIX: Added handling of MTU for network bridges. 536dd8b

  • Merged in fix from @invisnet to add lagg to physical interfaces. 28f05f3

  • FIX: Update reference to old variable name in __generate_bhyve_net_string.

  • FIX: Issue when rebooting guest's using revert_to_snapshot or eject_iso_on_n_reboot. 2e11c22

  • FIX: Issue where eject_iso_on_n_reboot=0 would eject before first start. d5ba410

  • FIX: Issue when deleting guest when network_design_mode is set to 'system'.6a546c9

  • FIX: Add ability to change net_ifaces when network design mode is set to 'system'. 8c709e4

  • DOC: Changed log comments for number of reboots. db6a6ba

  • Fixed issues with chyves <guest> console vnc not working due to inverse matches. 7924a5e

  • Minor changes to documents. 1464736, 1a3b287, 7d3043a, 3aad0d6, and 756cd7a.

  • Added check in guest rename to see if guest is running. The dataset needs to be renamed and the zvol can not be in use. b32d92e

  • Fixed issue with chyves upgrade where it would perpetually claim it was out of date. aa317d2

  • Fixed reference to old variable name in __generate_grub_bhyve_command. 082b570

  • Removed references to stop and start VM to remove optical media from VM in man page examples. 0b3691f

  • Merged in fix for 'rcboot' from @3add3287 when only one guest exists on system. 6a7c8a2

  • FIX: Typos in previous entry. a6807ac

  • FIX: Do not run check for new chyves version when not installed yet. 87c081f

  • FIX: Create new 'uefi_vnc_port' when cloning guest with unique properties. 94e21f0

  • FIX: Error when displaying $_NEXT_serial in __clone_guest. 1b4e619

  • FIX: Reference to old variable names in __generate_grub_bhyve_command. 3ffa905

  • FIX: Setting COMPILER_TYPE on FreeNAS required for make install in Makefile. a3701ad

  • FIX: Issue when specifying a branch in 'chyves upgrade'. 15cd40f

  • FIX: FreeNAS handling of root directory via symbolic links. 77cf6f8

Version 0.1.1 (2016 August 27)

Documentation changes.

  • DOC: Address VGA/GPU passthrough in man page. be3ba7c

  • DOC: Included RAM parameters for guest examples which require more than 256M of RAM. 0dd18aa

  • DOC: Included a generic Windows guest example in the man page. 485265d

  • DOC: Updated Intel e1000 requirements in man page. ba949ad

    • Still need to figure the OS integer to check for in the code to make this work.
  • DOC: Typo in man/chyves.8.ronn e1f985b

  • DOC: Fixed typos and links in,, c5b9c9d

Version 0.1.0 (2016 August 21)

Public release

  • DOC: Update for chyves global properties for Github checker. 53527c2

  • Various minor tweaks to get the two commands below working.

  • Turned on the ability check for new versions of chyves on GitHub based on the global property 'check_for_updates'. 92881c2

  • New command chyves upgrade [master|dev|check] to upgrade or check the latest version for the particular running branch on GitHub. 6055762

Version 0.0.17 (2016 August 21)

  • Allow guest property virtio_block_options_disk{n} to be unset. 5189276

  • Consolidated firmware and iso on SYNOPSIS section of man page. 75ff9a8

  • Added new property eject_iso_on_n_reboot. This is both a global and guest property. The global property is reference when the guest property is not set. This ejects the ISO resource after {n} reboots. 9d1bee9

  • Fixed error when a guest has no disks. 9682731

  • Fixed typo for diagnostic logging. cc92b00

  • Added OpenBSD 6.0 support for grub-bhyve. 263d53c

  • Fixed grep argument in __check_for_chyves_update. bd6de40

  • Updated __check_for_chyves_update to use __log rather than echo. c53e997

  • Fixed reference to old network command syntax. f6a8f0

  • Fixed issue with output when no clones exist. f6a8f06

  • Partial fixed issue when rolling back a guest snapshot that is more than 88 characters. faba5ca

  • Added 'chvyes snapshot list` command. 3a6a926

  • Added reset to end of console command to redraw dimensions. d04340b

  • Various fixes to doc files.

  • Fixed error output when attempting to write logs to template guest. 6df1865

  • Fixed grep error output when chyves not setup on system. f8c2cb3

  • Fixed bug when grabbing first disk for bhyveload. 5bc7a75

Version 0.0.15 (2016 August 17)

  • Fixed issue when rolling back a snapshot on a guest with different network config. Incremented chyves guest version. 63885ed

  • ENH: Added -no-exit flag for __verify_tap_not_in_use c1c056e

  • FIX: Variable in __verify_iface_on_guest missing. 3f784e8

  • ENH: Split __network_remove into two functions. 4920c13

  • FIX: Various problems with parsing for network add and remove. 3882dbb

  • FIX: Regex too loose for grepping for tap interface in network library.

  • FIX: Refined __parse_cmd_resources 4e0c106

  • FIX: Issue when assign bridge to private role. 442fe7c

  • FIX: Error when setting default bridge. 1b04ed8

  • Fixed issue with headers for chyves list pools 76b9c83

  • Added check for running host version when using VNC console output. 662e072

  • Various changes to doc files to bring to release state.

  • Disallow changing serial property on running guest. 4ef8a4a

  • Properties are not recorded to the log when pulling the value from the configuration file. Also also introduces 'stdout_level' setting '4' which is non-settable and never outputs to stdoutput. 382161a

  • Fixed issue introduced by 4d60946, non-trailing denominations re-allowed. de875c3

  • Fixed edge case where a reverting start or reboot snapshot would not reload guest settings. 8cfb332

  • Moved 'start' snapshot reverting if statement so that above commit was apparent what the changes were. e50eea8

  • Fixed issue where bhyve and loader command would only be recorded when the dev_mode not set to 'off'. 87f24a0

Version 0.0.13 (2016 August 15)

  • Guests can now be reverted to a previous snapshot state on start, reboot, both, or not at all (default). The new properties 'revert_to_snapshot' and 'revert_to_snapshot_method' control the snapshot and the method respectively for this process. 0e7f083

  • Added limited support for raw file based images. 3c37e0a

  • Added verbosity to chyves list property and now checks for two parameters. fb2eb31

  • Changed the reported size value from usedbychildren to used for chyves info -z. 0e9dca2

  • Allow trailing 'b' for size denominations. 4d60946

  • Support for 32 AHCI hard drive devices on a single PCI slot for hosts running 12-CURRENT. d9f769f

  • Set defaults based on host OS version for 'bargs', use '-S' flag on 10.3+. 60d6d15

  • Minor revisions in __generate_bhyve_slot_string(). e98e7a3

  • Added new function __stop_guest_loader() to stop a hung loader process on guest boot and for chyves <guest> stop. ed324bb

  • Newer chyves guest version are not allowed to start on older versions. This is preventative for the future. 2b8fce5

  • Added make what directive to show what commands were available. a66943a

  • Fixed missing disk sub-section in man page. e89035c

  • Finished commit to using keyword 'properties' rather than 'parameters' for guests qualities. b111b03

  • Finished commit for consolidate disk note/desc in synopsis. b111b03

  • Null value can now be set for default_info_flags and default_list_flags. 79a641a

  • Created new command chyves <guest>|MG|all unset <pcidev_{n}> to unset a property on a guest. 260f4ae

  • Minor speed improvement from loading order in __add_guest_disk(). acba72d

Version 0.0.11 (2016 August 12)

  • Fixed issue with bhyve string for VNC frame buffer. a0d68d7

  • Merged fix for incorrect UEFI firmware path when starting guest. Thanks to Andrew D.. bb60b4b

  • Fixed issue with when deleting guest. 8387e7e

  • Committed to using keyword 'properties' rather than 'parameters' for guests qualities. aae3376

  • Fixed issue for chyves info with diskless guests. 9baf434

  • Consolidate disk note/desc in synopsis. a7d21a4

  • Fixed issue referencing renamed functioned. 404e9dd

  • Added check for existence of local file when importing. 9680c23

Version 0.0.9 (2016 July 24)


  • Typo caught by /u/Open_Systems, rcvar != sysrc. 4a47aaf

Version 0.0.7 (2016 July 24)

Docs and minor fixes.

  • Converted to using Ruby gem: ronn for the man page from txt2man. See issue #1 for details. ed90a46

  • Referenced html man page in ee90338

  • Utilized the 'LINK INDEXES' function of ronn to link to external man pages (FreeBSD specifically). 0da85ca

  • Minor changes to chyves <guest> upgrade. This should have been committed in version 0.0.5 but there is no ill effects. Running chyves <guest> upgrade or waiting until the next dataset increment will resolve the issue. 7c338dd

  • Refreshed docs: 756193d, MAN PAGE files 4589d5a, and 28f5aa0.

  • Refreshed table of contents in sbin/chyves. 5cf15a7

  • Other minor fixes.

Version 0.0.5 (2016 July 21)

Enhancements and fixes.

  • Added e1000 emulation possibility for tap interfaces on 12-CURRENT hosts. 4039608

  • Added 'keepnet' keyword for chyves <guest> delete keepnet, which keeps network associations when deleting guests. a787daf

  • Added 'system' network design handling mode, draft quality. 2737704

  • Added chyves dataset <pool> upgrade as an upgrade mechanism. 31500b9

  • Fixed edge case when cloning templates. 34c374b

  • Fixed typos and minor code cleanup, various commits.

  • Fixed issue when setting bridge to private mode and physical/vlan interfaces were on bridge. Added function __network_private for expanded functionality. 3939444

  • Added keyword 'all' for chyves <guest> set <property>=<value>, so now chyves all set <property>=<value> now works too. 9d0e05b

Version 0.0.3 (2016 July 16)

@croquagei feedback fixes.

  • Fixed issue when renaming ISO or firmware resources.ed94890

  • Fixed syntax in man page for starting guests. 1040c1b

Version 0.0.1 (2016 July 11)

First private release. Shared with @croquagei for testing.

  • Fixed minor issue with __generate_bhyve_net_string. a41906e

Version 0.0.0 (2016 April 16 through 2016 July 11)

Internal development.

chyves is the pluralized, big endian alphabetic increment of bhyve, it manages bhyve guests using ZFS, nmdm, virtio, cu and optionally tmux and grub-bhyve through the Bourne shell.

Changes made to fork from iohyve:
  • Forked from iohyve at 0.7.5 "Tennessee Cherry Moonshine Edition" release at commit 2ff5b50.

  • Changed command from iohyve to chyves.

  • Changed other internal references from iohyve to chyves. For example, the VMM names now reference chy-$guest.

General enhancement and bug fixes:
  • Fixed various typos and expanded man page.

  • Created and expanded properties section. Bulk of section was moved from set section.

  • Updated chyves help.

  • Added a nomenclature syntax map.

  • Created new folder structure and project documents.

  • The root directory of the project contains documents about the project and also the Makefile for installing from source.

  • The installed files are now in their respective places sbin/, rc.d/, and man/.

  • Created a new dataset to house all the guests under $pool/chyves/guests/$guest.

  • Changed code to correctly reference this new location, including cut commands.

  • Created a new dataset for referencing the default values for new guests.

  • The ZFS properties contained in $pool/chyves/guests/.defaults replace the old hardcoded values.

  • Use chyves set .defaults to change from the initial values.

  • Created the dataset $pool/chyves/.config with two ZFS user properties, chyves:pool_version and chyves:dataset_role as explained below.

  • The chyves:dataset_version ZFS property within $pool/chyves/.config contains the chyves dataset version the dataset is compatible with. This will be set upon dataset creation and then updated via chyves dataset upgrade, non-contiguous updates are possible. This will be the automated process of ensuring the dataset contains the necessary properties to run correctly. This will also make future dataset changes easier to implement. This feature will make the file` a matter of reference. There is also a check ran before anything else to ensure the dataset is upgraded, even if the only change made to the dataset structure is an increment in the version. Setup is still able to run if multiple datasets exist. This setup use-case is if you want to migrate guests from one pool to another pool that is not currently setup, limited but possible.

  • The chyves:dataset_role ZFS property within $pool/chyves/.config contains which role the dataset is used for. The valid values are primary, secondary, and offline. The primary pool will always host the ISO and Firmware resources. The primary pool will also own the mountpoint "/chyves". All pool that are active and not the primary are considered secondary.

  • Using chyves list .config will display the current properties for all the pools and using chyves list .config [pool] will list the properties for a single pool.

  • Rewrote chyves info to use flags for verbosity. See man chyves for available flags or chyves info -h.

  • Guests now use a specified UUID.

  • This is helpful for Windows guests to maintain licensing activation when moving guests from one host to another. However other use-cases exist.

  • A UUID is generated at guest creation by /bin/uuidgen and stored in the ZFS property chyves:uuid

  • Imported iohyve guests will have this number generated upon import with chyves-import iohyve $guest in sysutils/chyves-utils.

  • Additional kernel modules are loaded with chyves setup kmod=1 for networking taps and bridges.

  • Creation of bridges and taps would fail without these modules.

  • Consolidated list, isolist, fwlist, snaplist, taplist, activetaps, and conlist into one function/command: chyves list with the use of arguments. For example chyves isolist is replaced by chyves list iso and so forth. Not to worry, chyves list still displays the traditional output.

  • Expanded chyves list <property name> to display that property value for each guest.

  • This is dynamically determined so if a user manually sets a properties with zfs using a chyves: prefix this will display that property.

  • This can be helpful in installations where custom properties are set when more information is necessary.

  • Expanded chyves list pools to display pool and their roles.

  • Expanded chyves list processes to display all *hyve processes or just for one guest.

  • Deprecated the distinction of using fetch and cp for ISO and Firmware resources.

    • Both are handled by the same function of import.
    • A regular expression is used to determine if the source starts with http or ftp and uses fetch to download the file. Otherwise cp is used.
  • Consolidated fetchiso, cpiso, renameiso, and rmiso into one function/command: chyves iso with the use of arguments. For example chyves fetchiso is replaced by chyves iso fetch and so forth.

  • Added hash check function for remotely imported ISOs.

    • Before the ISO is downloaded, the user is prompted for a hash. The following hashes are supported md5, sha1, sha256, and sha512.
    • After the file is downloaded the file is hashed, if the hashes match then "Hashes matched" is displayed. If the hashes do not match, the user is prompted to delete the file.
    • If no hash checksum is entered, the user is heckled into feeling bad about their life choices of supporting evil.
  • Added support to for .gz and .xz compressed iso images for both local and remote imports.

    • These formats are commonly used for pfSense and FreeBSD releases respectively. Now saving bandwidth costs for the projects is even easier.
  • Consolidated fetchfw, cpfw, renamefw, and rmfw into one function/command: chyves firmware with the use of arguments. For example chyves fetchfw is replaced by chyves firmware import and so forth.

  • Changed get command syntax to chyves get [property] [name]. This follows the syntax of iocage.

  • Deprecated chyves getall [name] in favor of chyves get all [name].

  • Added version information to help output.

  • Added make deinstall directive to Makefile for source installations. This removes all the installed files from the system.

  • Added make rcremove directive to Makefile for source installations. This removes the configuration contained in the /etc/rc.conf file using the sysrc command.

  • Added make installrc directive to Makefile for source installations. This enables booting chyves guests which have a possible integer set for the rcboot parameter. This adds the 'chyves_enable=YES' configuration in the /etc/rc.conf file using the sysrc command.

  • Added checks to verify pool name and guest name when supplied from command line.

  • An error message is displayed and exits when an invalid name is used.

  • Added dependencies section to to clarify the components being used in chyves.

  • Added check that the necessary kernel modules are loaded or built-in before starting a guest.

  • Deprecated properties chyves:name and chyves:size

  • Added check when starting guest to see if grub2-bhyve is installed for guests using the grub-bhyve loader property value.

  • Added prompt when using the chyves forcekill $guest command and also displays processes that will be killed.

  • Added check to see if CPU has the necessary features to run bhyve. This includes POPCNT for AMD and Intel CPUs. Intel CPUs also require the unrestricted guest UG feature for allocating more than one virtual CPU to a guest and also UG is required for UEFI support. These restrictions are enforced by chyves so that error messages do not spew across the screen.

  • Boot priority can now be set for guests. Guests with the highest boot priority are booted first. This is set by assigning a positive integer to the "boot" property. Zero still indicates to not start the guest on host boot.

  • chyves list and chyves info -s now shows the boot priority of each guest and the bhyve PID if the guest is running.

  • Changed syntax for chyves set, the correct syntax is now chyves set property1=value guest-name

    • The ability to set multiple properties is still available and the syntax is: chyves set property1=value guest-name property2=value property3=value property4=value
  • Added the ability for multi-set guest support. This allows you set properties for multiple guests in one go.

    • For example: chyves set cpu=2 debian ram=4G windows cpu=4 ram=12G fw=BHYVE_UEFI_20151002.fd loader=uefi centos os=centos7
      • For guest: debian the CPU is set to "2" and RAM to "4G"
      • For guest: windows the CPU is set to "4", RAM to "12G", firmware to "BHYVE_UEFI_20151002.fd", and loader to UEFI.
      • For guest: centos the OS is set to "centos7"
  • Removed the ability to create additional guest disks on a different pool. This functionality was never implemented, impractical, is dangerous to leave. See commit 85274ad for removed code.

  • Created guest property creation to contain the creation date and origin. This replaces the text that used to be populated in description on guest.

  • Added chyves list .defaults to display guest defaults for newly created guests.

  • null.iso is created and imported as an ISO resource with chyves setup <pool> on the primary pool. chyves references this file when an ISO resource is not specified for chyves start on UEFI guests.

  • Added multi-guest support for some sub-functions. Multi-guest support is the ability to specify multiple guests in one command. This includes clone, get, set

  • Deprecated kmod and net from setup command. These have been replaced by an auto loader/checker for kernel modules and there is now the chyves network for network related tasks.

  • Deprecated persist property.

  • Guests now reboot properly and all other bhyve exit codes reclaims the VMM resources.

  • Deprecated chyves scram, replaced by chyves all stop

  • Rewrite of clone. New syntax is: chyves <guest> clone <clonenames>|MG [-ce|-cu|-ie|-iu] [<pool>]. Four flags for cloning. True ZFS clone and independent clones with or without new properties.

  • Renamed property con to serial

  • Rewrote disk functions now includes

    • chyves <guest> disk add [<size>]
    • chyves <guest> disk disk{n} description <description>
    • chyves <guest> disk disk{n} notes <note>
    • chyves <guest> disk delete disk{n}
    • chyves <guest> disk resize disk{n} <new-size>
    • and chyves <guest> disk list.
  • A rewrite of the list and info commands.

  • No longer hard coded to use disk0 as the boot device, uses the numerically first device.

  • Check ran while starting guest to see if related grub-bhyve or bhyveload process is running for guest and kills it if so.

  • Renamed parameter from fw to uefi_firmware.

Internal code changes:
  • Added function __fault_detected_exit function to standardized the way to exit with a message and why the exit was necessary.

  • Added functions __verify_valid_pool and __verify_valid_guest functions to verify a pool and guest are valid and exit if not.

  • Added function __generate_generic_device_map to create device map used in __load.

  • Added function __return_guest_dataset_mountpoint to get the mount path of a guest.

  • Added functions __get_next_console and __get_next_tap to set the global variables _NEXT_tap and _NEXT_console with the respective next unused device.

  • Added __verify_kernel_module_loaded function to verify, load -l, or unload -u kernels modules. Exits when no argument is given and the module is not loaded.

  • Added variable _KERNEL_MODULES to keep track of modules to check for, load, or unload.

  • Added __verify_all_kernel_modules function to check and load -l or unload -u kernel modules set in _KERNEL_MODULES.

  • Added function __resource_functions to fetch, rename, delete, and list for Firmware and ISO resources. Also works compatiable with rename and delete for guests resources Potentially can be used for guest disk operations as well.

  • This deprecates the following functions: __fetchiso, __cpiso, __renameiso, __deleteiso, __fetchfw, __cpfw, __renamefw, and __deletefw.

  • Added function __verify_binary_available to check if an executable is available on the system.

  • Added function __multi_chyves_zfs_property to get or set chyves: ZFS properties. Works with .config, .defaults, and guests.

    • __multi_chyves_zfs_property get will return the value of "1" for the CPU core count when the UG CPU feature is missing on Intel CPUs to be compliant.
    • __multi_chyves_zfs_property set will only set a value of "16" when a greater number is attempted to be set for the "cpu" guest property. This is to be compliant with bhyve's limits.
  • Names longer than 31 characters are truncated to be compliant with bhyve's limits as the name is used as the unique identifier.

  • Added function __preflight_check to run before any other code is to make sure the environment is safe for flight.

  • Added CPU feature check in this section.

    • The variable _CPU_MISSING_UG is set to "1" when the running on an Intel CPU that lacks the unrestricted guest UG feature is unavailable.
    • chyves exits if the host does not have POPCNT feature which is known as Extended Page Table (EPT) on Intel CPUs or Rapid Virtualization Indexing (RVI) on AMD CPUs.
    • chyves will only start guests with the loader set as bhyveload as further restriction when the CPU lacks UG.
  • Added function __return_cpu_section_from_dmesg to print out the CPU section from the dmesg. This is used in the __preflight_check to determine the CPU features.

  • Added variable _GUEST_NAMES_FORBIDDEN_GREP_STRING to prevent guests with these names from being created.

  • Added function __return_one_if_freenas to return nothing or "1" if on FreeNAS system.

  • Added function __return_guest_rcboot_priority to display a human friendly "NO" or "YES ($boot-priority-number)" when called.

  • Added function __return_guest_bhyve_pid to display a human friendly "NO" or "YES ($bhyve-PID)" when called using the -h flag. If no flag is used then the bhyve PID is returned.

  • Added function __return_guest_vmm_allocated to display a human friendly "NO" or "YES" when called using the -h flag. If no flag is used then a "1" is returned.

  • Added function __verify_number_of_arguments to check the number of parameters and exits if not met or if exceeded.

  • Changed parameters to be function indexed rather than script indexed.

    • This limits the number of addressable parameters to nine due to the Bourne shell, which does not matter.
    • chyves set is the one exception, it is still script indexed.
  • Added variable _PRIMARY_POOL to global variables instead of polling __gvset_primary_pool more than once.

  • Deprecated commands chyves boot and chyves load from users. These functions can still be called from developer mode.

  • Added variable _RESTRICT_NEW_PROPERTY_NAMES to control whether __multi_chyves_zfs_property can create new property names.

  • Added variable _NUMBER_OF_ALL_GUESTS to count number of guests. All guests are in the count and this is specifically used to set the properties for the first guest when _RESTRICT_NEW_PROPERTY_NAMES is set to "on".

  • Added function __load_guest_parameters to load a guest's parameters into global variables.

  • Added function __load_guest_default_parameters to load guest defaults into global variables.

  • Deprecated the of using underscores for storing bargs.

  • Added variable _NUMBER_OF_ACTIVE_POOLS. Currently used in __set when setting properties for .config. When only one active pool is on the system, then the multiple .config property can be set, otherwise the [pool] field must be used and only property can be set at a time. Deprecated.

  • Added variables _VERSION_BRANCH, _PROJECT_URL, and _PROJECT_URL_GIT to keep track of aspect for use in __check_for_chyves_update.

  • Added variables _OS, _OS_VERSION_DATE, _OS_VERSION_FREENAS, _OS_VERSION_REL, and _OS_VERSION_REV to keep track of aspects of the host system OS.

  • Added variable _DATE_YMD to store date information for general reference in YYYYMMDD format.

  • Added function __check_for_chyves_update to check GitHub for latest version.


  • Added function __convert_list_to_grep_string to have a raw list of anything be converted to a grep-able string. $2 is used to append an existing grep-able list to what is converted.

  • Added variable _FREEBSD_NET_DRIVERS_GREP_STRING to keep a string of valid FreeBSD network drivers (names of interfaces effectively) for use in the networking methods.

  • Added variable _VLAN_IFACE_BASE_NAME to keep track of the base name used on system for vlan interfaces. Typically vlan0, vlan1, vlan2 is the standard naming nomenclature but specifying “clone_interfaces” in /etc/rc.conf you can deviate from this standard.

  • Added property and variable _TAP_UP_BY_DEFAULT to keep track of whether or not to set tap interfaces to up using the sysctl. If set to "yes", then an if statement in __preflight_check loads the if_tap kernel module and then sets the sysctl.

  • Added .defaults property bridge and variable _GDP_bridge to keep track of the default bridge to assign tap interfaces to.

  • Created .default properties and variables to contain ZFS specific parameters for new ZFS volumes aka (disks) for guests.

    • Assume you have some experience with ZFS and assumes you know what you are doing.
    • Properties: disk_volmode, disk_volblocksize, disk_dedup, disk_compression, disk_primarycache, and disk_secondarycache
  • Added function __generate_zvol_disk_options_string to generate the ZFS string used create ZFS volumes (disks) for guests.

  • Added function __gvset_guest_name_by_pid and variable _GUEST_name_by_pid to get the name of a guest but the process ID. This is currently used when a tap interface is locked by a process and descriptive user output is needed including the guest name that is causing the issue.

  • Added function __generate_bhyve_net_string to dynamically generate bhyve PCI string (Eg. -s 7,virtio-net,tap{n}) for each network device. VALE devices supported (Eg. -s 7,virtio-net,vale{n}).

  • Added function __gvset_guest_pool to verify and then set "_GUEST_pool" for supplied guest.

  • Added function __get_corrected_byte_nomenclature to verify user input, pull the size denomination, use only the first letter, and captilize that letter. Then if the number is evenly divisible by 1024, it increaeses the size denomination.

  • Added function __get_next_vnc_port to generate next unused VNC port, then assigns variable _NEXT_vnc_port.

  • Added guests properties uefi_console_output, uefi_vnc_mouse_type, uefi_vnc_ip, uefi_vnc_port, uefi_vnc_res, and uefi_vnc_pause_until_client_connect for use with UEFI guests using VNC consoles.

  • Added global property uefi_vnc_port_start_offset to indicate when first starting port for VNC. The default is 5900.

  • Added function __verify_iommu_capable to check if IO MMU is enabled on the system. This is more commonly known as VT-d or AMD-Vi.

  • Renamed property tap to net_ifaces

  • Deprecated function __exportguest because this functionality will be part of chyves-utils. Also it did not export proper UCL format.

  • Added global property auto_load_kernel_mods to determine whether or not to load the kernel modules when starting guests, otherwise there is a check and exiting error if not loaded. Default is "yes".

  • Added global property consolidate_bhyve_pci_devices to determine whether or not to use PCI functions for similar devices in bhyve string generation. This is needed when more than 26 PCI devices are going to be connected to a guest.

  • Started using library files to break up the code for managability and also for use by other chyves projects.

    • chyves-start-guest
    • chyves-properties
    • chyves-updates
    • chyves-informational
    • chyves-basics
    • chyves-network
  • Renamed function __load to __generate_grub_bhyve_command and rewritten

  • Now only handles grub-bhyve guests, no more bhyveload.

  • Assigns global variable $_LOADER_cmd for the grub-bhyve command to use. This allows for use in a small while loop later on to be use to make sure guests reboot correctly.

  • Deprecated install property. If optical media is used from the command line, it is assumed to boot from that the optical media.

  • Complete rewrite of __start. See here for commit message 595bb84.

  • Added function __generate_bhyve_slot_string see commit af0d3b3. Sort of replace __get_bhyve_cmd but not really.

  • Added function __generate_bhyve_custom_pci_string see commit 0beb1dd. This creates PCI devices for bhyve from the pcidev properties and then feeds to information to __generate_bhyve_slot_string. There is special handling for pass through devices.

  • Added function __generate_bhyve_disk_string see commit 5acfa78. This creates PCI devices for bhyve for each disk and then feeds to information to __generate_bhyve_slot_string.

  • Added function __generate_bhyve_vnc_string to generate a PCI string for the frame buffer used for the VNC connection for UEFI guests using VNC console output.

  • Deprecated function _get_bhyve_cmd replaced by __generate_bhyve_slot_string.

  • Deprecated function __get_zfs_pcidev_conf replaced by __generate_bhyve_custom_pci_string.

  • Deprecated function __prepare_guest by several other functions. See commit 8da6b6d.

  • Deprecated functions __boot, __install, and __uefi by completely rewritten __start.

  • Massive expansion of network handling. See lib/chyves-network for functions. See initial commit 89d8bba.

  • Renamed destroy to reclaim because while the command for bhyvectl is destroy, it conflicts with the zfs use of the word destroy and causes confusion.

  • Renamed __parse_cmd to __parse_cmd_ingress. Now input is first ingested by __parse_cmd_ingress() and then either user input is verified or passed to another _parse_cmd*() function for further ingestion.

  • On top of parameter verification, user input verification is now handled at the _parse_cmd*() level. This makes calls from other functions a little faster as if a function is calling another function it should have already verified the input from the user.

  • Inverted __readonly_cmd() to __root_credentials_required().

  • Moved _verify*() functions to a library file.

  • Renamed __stop to __stop_guest_gracefully and moved to library file lib/chyves-guests-stop

  • Renamed __destroy to __destroy_guest_vmm_resouces and moved to library file lib/chyves-guests-stop

  • Deprecated __forcekill and moved functionality into __destroy_guest_vmm_resouces.

  • Complete rewrite of __cloneguest

  • Added function __parse_cmd_console to parse user input for console sub-commands and loads nmdm kernel module.

  • Added library file lib/chyves-guest-console with __console_reset, __console_run, __console_tmux, __get_guest_console_pid, and __verify_console_not_in_use.

  • Added function __verify_user_input_for_properties to verify user input for properties. Adjusted values get set to global variable “$_ADJUSTED_value” and then replace original value in the function that called it.

  • Added function __parse_cmd_snapshot to parse user input for snapshot commands. Real big and nasty.

  • Changed to using grep -c for counting because it does a better job than wc -l by not having leading spaces.

  • Added function __log which both logs and echos the messages to the screen. There are different output levels including '0' which is effectively off. Everything gets logged on the primary pool and guest related tasks are intended to be written on the guest but this is not always the case depending on the whether the _GP_mountpoint variable is loaded. The global parameters stdout_level, log_to_file, and log_mode are used to control the output.

  • Added library file lib/chyves-return with:

    • __return_cpu_section_from_dmesg
    • __return_guest_bhyve_pid
    • __return_guest_bhyveload_pid
    • __return_guest_dataset_mountpoint
    • __return_guest_disk_list
    • __return_guest_grub_bhyve_pid
    • __return_guest_list
    • __return_guest_rcboot_priority
    • __return_guest_snapshot_list_level1
    • __return_guest_snapshot_list_level2
    • __return_guest_snapshot_last
    • __return_guest_vmm_allocated
    • __return_new_line_delimit_as_comma_string
    • __return_new_line_delimit_as_grep_string
    • __return_new_line_delimit_as_space_string
    • __return_one_if_freenas
    • __return_pools_active
    • __return_pools_all
    • __return_pools_offline
  • Renamed __setup to __dataset_install as this only sets up the dataset.

  • Added library file lib/chyves-resources

    • __guest_delete
    • __guest_delete_backend
    • __resource_delete
    • __guest_rename
    • __resource_import
    • __resource_rename
  • Added function __fault_detected_warning_continue to warn and 'continue'.

  • Added function __fault_detected_warning_break to warn and 'break'.

Developer enhancements:
  • Created the document to give code examples, guidance, terminology, and general best practice when submitting PRs. This is to maintain a certain

  • Added make docs directive to Makefile in order to build man page file chyves.8 and 'chyves.8.htmlfile using the Ruby toolronnfrom thechyves.8.ronn` file.

  • Added make clean directive to Makefile in order to remove man page .gz file. Useful before using git commit when using the directory to install and develop from.

  • Standardized whitespace

  • Using spaces for code examples in Markdown documents and the man page.

  • Using tabs is now the standard for scripts, this makes it easier to edit from a command line text editor. This is to prevent the internal conversation: "Is it two or three spaces after an if statement?". The answer is it is a tab every time.

  • Added "DEVELOPER MODE" changing the value of property "dev_mode" from "off" to either [on|-xvn] actives these features:

    • Display the full bhyve command used to start the guests just before executing the same command. This is done in __boot, __start_ and __uefi.
    • Allow functions and commands to be called straight from the command line with chyves dev. Examples of how this would be used:
      • chyves dev __version executes the __version() function.
      • chyves dev __list tap active
      • chyves dev "echo $That_tricksy_hobbit_variable"
    • Using the [-xvn] flag(s) instead of the word "on" use the Bourne shell special operation flags. The -x shows each ling before it executes. The -v flag shows each line as it executes. The -n flag reads and populates the variables but does not execute the commands.

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