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This document tracks changes that are made in order to ensure dataset and guests contain the latest structure and syntax. This document is a matter of reference as the process of upgrading has been automated with chyves dataset <pool> upgrade and chyves <guest> upgrade. While we try to mitigate the need for such a document through planning, this can not always be the case. This can be especially true with new features.


  • chyves version v0.1.9-dev
  • chyves guest version incremented to 0300
    • Major version increment for bhyve_disk_type property which is used to describe the method to attach ZFS volumes and disk images to guests.
  • chyves guest version incremented to 0202
    • Minor version increment for bhyveload guest property.
  • dataset version incremented to 0005
    • Added bhyveload to defaults with a null value.
    • Added bhyve_disk_type to defaults with 'ahci-hd' as the value.


  • chyves guest version incremented to 0201
    • Incremented so v0.1.1 and earlier versions do not try to start guests, specifically ones that have the 'os' property set to 'coreos' or 'openbsd60'.


  • Public released versions:
  • chyves version: 0.1.0
  • Dataset version: 0004
  • chyves guest version: 0200