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##Current Progress We are working on ucore plus for amd64 smp porting. You can chekout the "amd64-smp" branch to see the newest progress of ucore plus.

##Quick Try

  1. download or clone ucore plus source code
  2. cd ucore
  3. make ARCH=i386 defconfig
  4. make
  5. make sfsimg
  6. uCore_run -d obj

##Makefile Cross Compile

set the environment variables:

export ARCH = ?

you can use archs: i386, arm, amd64, mips, or32, um, nios2

export CROSS_COMPILE = ?

(see Makefile in ./ucore)


The top level Kconfig is ./ucore/arch/xxx/Kconfig. You can include other Kconfig

(see ./ucore/arch/arm/Kconfig)

All config option is prefixed with UCONFIG_


Supported variables: obj-y, dirs-y

(See ./ucore/kern-ucore/ and Makefile.subdir)

Add a new ARCH

In arch/xxx, add Makefile.image and

*** define ARCH_INCLUDES and ARCH_CFLAGD, etc.

***Makefile.image: how to generate the executable for your platform.

***Kconfig: your top level Kconfig

***Makefile: recursively add Makefile in your arch directory.

More Document

See ucore/doc