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Bonfire Next

Based on the CodeIgniter 3 PHP framework and SprintPHP, Bonfire provides a ready-to-roll admin area and tons of power tools to supercharge your custom web application development.

NOTE: Bonfire Next is in a very early development version! This is NOT ready for usage in any form.

System Requirements

  • PHP version 5.4 or newer.
  • SimpleXML enabled on your PHP installation for the docs to work.
  • Composer installed on development server.
  • A Database. We currently use MySQL but try to keep it fairly flexible.

How To Install?

Installation instructions can be found in the docs source here on GitHub.

What's In The Box?

In addition to the features found in Sprint, Bonfire adds the following useful tools:

  • GUI backend area already setup for you.
  • Database Tools - A GUI to manage do basic management of your database without logging into phpMyAdmin.
  • User Management - including banning, creating, deleting, role management, etc.
  • Security Logging - on by default, will track user actions across sensitive areas, and gives you a simple way to add it to your application.
  • Settings Area - automatically pulls in and integrates settings from all of the modules within the system to conveniently edit at one place.
  • Modular Dashboard - makes it easy to add blocks for display on the dashboard from any module.

Where's the Docs?

Docs are included in the repo itself, and it comes with a pretty nice documentation system built on simple Markdown-formatted files.

To view the documentation, download the code, and point your browser to /docs. The rest should be working fine, but please let me know if you hit any snags!

To view the docs prior to downloading, you'll have to browse the files in the repo for now. Before too long, we'll have a site setup for it. But the current focus is on the initial release getting whipped into shape.