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Hello everyone,
i am trying to enable CI default template parser inside Bonfire.

I added the parser library as autoloaded in config.php and
$config['template.parse_views'] = TRUE;

inside config/application.php

I get this in my front controller:

An Error Was Encountered

Unable to locate the file: C:\WampDeveloper.-------- omissis -----/themes/manage-theme/manage.php

If i remove the line from application.php, all goes fine.

If I disable the parser library, i catch the error to be at line 889 of template.php library:

$output = self::$ci->parser->parse($view_path . $view, $data, true);

Has anyone got this issue also?

*Edit: i'm on branch develop (0.6-dev)


The problem is still alive, i could not get ahead. Can someone watch into this? I think it is a major issue with the template library, but i have resolved pratically nothing, just hacking into...


//cc @lonnieezell do you know why the parse wouldn't work in the Template lib?


I haven't checked with the develop branch, but I did just confirm that it works on the sd_merge branch (which is very close to being the default develop branch).

It sounds like the issue that I had when we made the switch to CI 2.0 branch, but I don't know why it would be set like that again. Try replacing line 889 with the following:

$output = self::$ci->parser->parse($view, $data, true);

If that doesn't fix it, I'd be tempted to say try to grab the template library from the feature/sd_merge branch and replacing yours to see if that fixes it.


//cc @lonnieezell : Both your proposed solutions doesn't seems to fix the issue. Everytime i get an error saying that the file containing the view can't be found.

I had time to hack into a little bit, finding a temporary solution like this:

File: library/template.php - Line: 887-888

$output = self::$ci->parser->_parse($template, self::$data, true);

I am not sure if this is the correct way to manipulate the view content via the parser engine.
ATM the fix works, but i havent done extensive tests.

Do you see any issue with this code?

@svizion svizion added a commit that referenced this issue May 15, 2012
@svizion svizion Ref issue #349 - verifiying the parser is loaded and sanitizing all $…
…data in the view.

Check and loads CI_Parser if not loaded, loops through all view data and converts any object
into a array.

//cc @antoniofrignani @seandowney @lonnieezell

I believe this works in 0.6 now without issue. I'm marking closed for now. Reopen if needed.

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