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Visiting `/install/index.php/install/complete` creates install/installed.txt #761

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even if you haven't gone through the installer, so the DB is completely empty. I think it would make more sense to create installed.txt just after we've completed all the migrations.

@sourcejedi sourcejedi referenced this issue from a commit
@sourcejedi sourcejedi install: avoid accidentally re-creating installed.txt (issue #761)
The installer pages aren't as paranoid / robust as they could be.
This commit just tweaks one case that bit me.

If you install, then remove installed.txt, then re-visit
install/index.php/complete (which shows a fair amount of information you
might have been interested in) - it causes installed.txt to be re-created.

Move the code that creates installed.txt so it's somewhat less likely to
be triggered.  With this tweak, you'd have to go back a second time to
the "do_install" url (the method that creates the database, among other

Might not worthy of the ChangeLog. It only happens if you still have installer data in your session, when you visit the "complete" page.

@sourcejedi sourcejedi closed this
@sourcejedi sourcejedi referenced this issue from a commit
@sourcejedi sourcejedi commit fixed version of install code (issue #779)
this was a mistake, the fix was supposed to be included as part of the
original commit:

"install: avoid accidentally re-creating installed.txt (issue #761)"
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