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== 1.5.1
- Fix silly load-path error that some had been seeing
== 1.5
- Support for RSpec 1.1.1 example groups (which broke ci_reporter 1.4)
- Change internal model to delegation instead of inheritance, allowing ci_reporter to wrap different output formatters
- Add 'ci:setup:rspecdoc' task to output specdoc format instead of progress
- Add support for pending examples; they will be listed in the report XML as successful, but the name will have a '(PENDING)' tag appended
- Support for RSpec < 0.9 removed as promised; use 1.4 if you still need to use an older version of RSpec
== 1.4
- Test::Unit tests that fail in multiple places (setup, test method, and teardown) are now tracked (marcog)
- Explicit dependency requirement on Builder (>= 2.1.2)
- Use of RSpec < 0.9 is now deprecated; support will probably disappear in the next version
== 1.3.5
- Change way we append to environment variables to appease windows (Tracker #13998, Adam Anderson)
== 1.3.4
- Call #to_s on the object passed in as the test suite name; compatibility fix for RSpec
trunk which passes a Spec::DSL::Description instead of a string
- Fix broken spec due to pending feature introduced in recent RSpec
- Fix compatibility for JRuby
- Add stub.rake file as another way to wrap existing Rakefile, with note in README
== 1.3.3
- Use SPEC_OPTS instead of RSPECOPTS (Aslak Hellesøy)
- Add assertions attribute to individual test cases (Tracker #11563, Andy Sipe)
== 1.3.2
- Fix bug trying to modify frozen environment strings
- Upgrade all specs to RSpec 1.0 style
- Add specs for rake tasks
== 1.3.1
- Fixed to be compatible with RSpec 1.0.x (added fourth parameter to Formatter#dump_summary)
== 1.3
- Fixed to be compatible with RSpec 0.9
- Failure location text now contains both the exception message and class name (in case the type and message attributes were truncated)
== 1.2.4
- Allow to report on RSpec specs when working with non-gem RSpec
- Note: CI::Reporter is only compatible with RSpec up to 0.8.2
== 1.2.3
- Append to TESTOPTS and RSPECOPTS environment variables (Bret Pettichord) so that other apps can put values
in them as well
== 1.2.2
- Responds to environment variable CI_CAPTURE: if set to "off", stdout/stderr capture will be disabled.
== 1.2.1
- Add license and copyright information (finally)
== 1.2
- Capture standard output and standard error during each individual test suite and include in the XML file in system-out and system-err elements, respectively (Tracker#9054[])
== 1.1
- Add +assertions+ attribute to the +testsuite+ element that will contain per-suite assertion counts when used with Test::Unit. Not useful with applications that read Ant/JUnit XML, but custom applications may wish to access it.
== 1.0
- Initial Release.
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