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… to run the rake tasks
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@@ -18,12 +18,22 @@ CI::Reporter works best with projects that use a +Rakefile+ along with the stand
require 'ci/reporter/rake/test_unit' # use this if you're using Test::Unit
require 'ci/reporter/rake/minitest' # use this if you're using MiniTest::Unit
-2. Next, either modify your Rakefile to make the <code>ci:setup:rspec</code>, <code>ci:setup:cucumber</code> or <code>ci:setup:testunit</code> task a dependency of your test tasks, or include them on the Rake command-line before the name of the task that runs the tests or specs.
+2. Next, either modify your Rakefile to make the <code>ci:setup:rspec</code>, <code>ci:setup:cucumber</code> or <code>ci:setup:testunit</code> task a dependency of your test tasks, or run one of these rake tasks:
rake ci:setup:testunit test
+ rake ci:setup:minitest test
+ rake ci:setup:rspec spec
+ rake ci:setup:cucumber features
+== Jenkins setup
+1. Tick the box labelled "Publish JUnit test result report" in the job configuration
+2. Enter "test/reports/*.xml,spec/reports/*.xml" in the "Test report XMLs" field (adjust this to suit which tests you are running)
Report files are written, by default, to the <code>test/reports</code>, <code>features/reports</code> or <code>spec/reports</code> subdirectory of your project. If you wish to customize the location, simply set the environment variable CI_REPORTS (either in the environment, on the Rake command line, or in your Rakefile) to the location where they should go.
== Advanced Usage
If you don't have control over the Rakefile or don't want to modify it, CI::Reporter has a substitute rake file that you can specify on the command-line. It assumes that the main project rake file is called +Rakefile+ and lives in the current directory. Run like so:
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