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Support for Omissions and Pending Tests from Test::Unit 2.0.x #3

samhendley opened this Issue Mar 23, 2010 · 1 comment

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Nice tool, makes hudson integration a breeze.

I have been using Test::Unit 2.0.x for a number of the features (startup, shutdown and omit mainly), there hasn't been any issue with ci reporter apart from an exception on test omisison (using the omit function). I have been using the attached monkey patch to handle the omisison and pending cases. This atleast stops the exceptions and shows these tests as passing. That is not ideal, it should actually probably fill in the "skipped" attribute in the junit xml but I couldn't find an example of the syntax for a skipped test so I couldn't implement that feature.

Sorry for the monkeypatch, not fork/pull request but I am trying to avoid having too many "self-branded" gems in our build system.

ci-reporter member

No problem thanks for the patch. Applied in 4ac3561.

This issue was closed.
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